Monday, November 13, 2017

Thanksgiving Writing FREEBIE

We're knee deep in our Thanksgiving Unit studies this year! It's you're right there with us, this tasty treat is for y'all!! This snack is teacher tested and kid approved. It also leads to a great informational writing prompt.

Towards the end of our Thanksgiving Unit we learn about Squanto and how he helped the Pilgrims learn to plant crops by planting fish with the seeds. At the end of this lesson, we bust out these ingredients to make Squanto's snack.

Give students 2-3 Oreos in a plastic bag and have them crush the
Oreos inside to make dirt. Pour the dirt into cups.Students use their spoon
to bury corn seeds (popcorn) and the fish (Swedish fish)

When they're done, we write about the steps Squanto takes to grow crops using those transitional words: FIRST, THEN, NEXT, LAST.

I hope you and your little turkeys have fun cooking up this Thanksgiving treat! 

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