Sunday, August 21, 2016

Name Tags for Student Chairs

For years I have been sticking student name tags on tops of the desks and tables. It's just what I always did. And every year by Christmas break, without fail, the tags are rolled up, colored on, or torn. This year, I got brand new tables, and I just couldn't bring myself to going through the name tag routine. I wanted to try something new! So instead, I made name tags to fit on the chairs. They are printed, laminated, and glued on with hot glue.

I am loving them!!! Not only do they pop beautifully off the color of the chair, they make it really easy for me to allow flexible seating options during times when my students do not need to be at their specific seat. They can easily be applied with a glue gun, duct tape, or velcro dots.  

Since first graders do benefit from seeing their name written properly, I plan to still give them a written name-tag that they can keep in their writing folders so they have that model to reference. 

I shared this picture on Instagram as I was putting them on my chairs and got several requests for the file, so I went ahead and added more colors and listed them  as Editable Name Tags in my TPT shop!

Even better, you can grab them and everything else in my TPT SHOP  for 20% off tomorrow. It's a special one day BONUS Sale on TPT!! Since everyone knows that sales soften the end of summer as we know it feeling that creeps in this time of year. ;) 

If you follow along with me on Instagram & Facebook know that I am starting a new classroom adventure this year at a brand new STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) school! I can't wait to come back and share a tour of my new school and classroom with you later this week!!

In the mean time, I promised a few people on Instagram that I would post this label I shared from my first day with kiddos on Friday. The original idea and recipe come from my sweet friend, Babbling Abby!!! You can read all about it on her post from way back in 2011, here! (2011?! I can't believe I've been loving on teacher blogs for that long-!!) You can download my soda bottle label, HERE.

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