Saturday, April 20, 2013

Magical Product Sawp

It's that time...The Magical Product Swap strikes again. Today I'm Introducing a lady who needs no introductions... sweet Gladys from Teaching In High Heels.  I just love me some Gladys! She is one of the ladies I have been lucky enough to get to know along this blogging journey. Truth be told I fell head over heels for her products before I was lucky enough to get to know the lady behind the blog. The quality of her work is outstanding and I just love how she organizes her units.

Today I'm here to tell you all about Glady's All In The Family Unit which is seriously ah-mazing! And I'm not just saying that because I love her product style. I'm saying it because I used e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. in this pack when I taught fact families to my firsties earlier this year. She teaches fact families the same way I teach them - referencing actual families!

Four years ago when I first taught fact families I had one of those moments where I could tell the kids weren't totally sure what to think about them, and weren't totally getting it.  So on the spot I started calling the fact family numbers "The Big Daddy Number" the "Middle Mommy Number" and the "Little Baby Number". (Of course, when you say "Big Daddy Number" you have to use a deep big daddy voice. And when you say the "Little Baby Number" you have to use a high squeaky voice.) We talked about the numbers all worked together, like a family does. It made sense to them!

This is why I knew I had to have Gladys's unit when I saw it. It fit right in with the way I taught fact families and now, I have some adorable visuals to go with it.

The activities in this unit worked for whole group instruction, small group instruction, and independent centers, which is pretty much how we roll during our math block. I was able to introduce Each day we would do a new activity from the pack in small groups. Then the next day I could add them into our math center tubs for my kids to practice independently.

We were also able to use some of the cards in this pack to practice ordering numbers from greatest to least. Now, whenever we order numbers the kids say, "The Dad number is the biggest so he goes first" or "Don't forget the Middle number is the mom." It's pretty funny to hear but hey, it works!!

This is not the only one of Gladys's units we have used this year. All the packs below have also made their way into our classroom!


You can visit  my high heel loving friend on her blog and her TPT Shop!!

I'm linking up with Miss Jessica for the Magical Product Swap. It's a fun place to find new goodies to try out with your crew!!

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  1. Oh, I just love Gladys's products! She does a wonderful job! Her being a Texas teacher is just a big plus for me!! So glad you got to swap with her. How fun!!
    Mrs. Richardson's Class

  2. I lopoovvvve Miss Gladys!! Her work is amazing!!! And, she is one lovely lady!!! Great review!!!
    :) Lisa

  3.'re too sweet! Love 'ya, girl! xoxoxo