Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine's Day FREEBIE

Speedy quick post tonight to share this Valentine's Day gift I gave my kiddos last year! It made for lots of happy faces when they dug into their box of treats last year, so I'll be giving them out again this go around! I had some requests on Instagram to share the printable which you can find below.

I buy the eyes in the birthday party aisle at Target. They come in packs of 6 for just $2!! Two tiny dots of the glue gun will keep them stuck on but won't ruin the cards when they're pulled off. They also make for a fun manipulative to use during guided reading groups. 

This year we're celebrating Valentine's Day on FRIDAY THE 13TH!! 

On thing has always been very clear to me...

 Teachers are not in charge of the school calendar!!! ;)


  1. So fun! Thank you! I'll stop at Target tomorrow to see if there are any left!

  2. I found these at the Dollar Tree a while back and bought them out! :) LOVE this idea. Thanks for sharing, friend!