Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cheers! New Year Sale!!

Happy New Years Eve!! 2014 was a year worth celebrating at the Stewart house. A few words that help sum it all up: nesting, fitness, Hawaii, TPT conference, 5K, family, new & old friends.

I'm dropping by to let you know about a little sale my friends and I at Blog Hoppin' have going
on today and tomorrow as we ring in twenty-fifteen!
My TPT shop will be on sale Dec 31st- Jan 1st!!
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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Holiday Book Exchange Story

Christmas Break has finally rolled around to my neck of the woods. PTL and Hallelujah... ;) I wanted  to stop by and show you one of my favorite moments from our Holiday party this year. The class book exchange!! Two weeks ago we asked all the first graders to bring in a new or gently used wrapped book. You can see most of them here under the tree. 


When it was time for the exchange we all sat in a circle and I read them a little story I typed up on the fly below. I remembered seeing various versions of "Right" and "Left"stories in the past, but since I definitely procrastinated on looking one up until the last possible second, I decided to make one up.  The idea is, every time the class hears the word 'Left' or 'Right' they have to pass the book in their hands in that direction.

The Right Children

"The Right children always left out the milk and cookies before they went to bed on Christmas Eve. Little Wendy Right asked Tommy Right if their stockings had been hung up with care? Tommy Right told her he had left them in just the right spot. Mr. Right heard his children talking downstairs and asked them why they were up past their bedtime. He told them Santa only left presents for the children who went right to bed. So off the children scurried, and right in the nick of time! When they got to their bedrooms they could hear footsteps on the rooftop. Left and right feet could be heard walking towards their chimney. In the morning, the Right children found their stockings had been left full of presents. Only a few crumbs on the cookie plate were left untouched. They knew right away the magical Christmas fun was just beginning! This left a big smile on both of their faces."

It was a huge giggle fest mess for a few minutes! Books were going left, right, and even across the circle. Everywhere but the right direction it was supposed to at times.  But it definitely added lots of fun and laughter to the exchange!! I'll be doing it this way for years to come! 

Here they are, new books in hand! The boy in the center back cracked me right up! HA!! Just another idea to add to your Holiday tool-belt for next year! 

Sharing a few more highlights from the week over on Blog Hoppin.


 Wishing you all the very Merriest Christmas in just five short days!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

PK-1 Fiesta & Conference Giveaway

Have you heard about the California Kindergarten Association's Annual PK1 Conference?  Well, it's an outstanding 3-day event designed by teachers for teachers specializing in early childhood education.  If you teach TK, Pre-K, K, 1st Grade, or Homeschool and live in the California area, this is definitely an event you don't want to miss. This year's conference is scheduled to take place in Santa Clara, California (just outside of San Francisco).  The festivities kick off on Friday, January 16th with a Pre-Conference Institute and lasts through Sunday, January 18th.  Oodles of professional development workshops ranging from behavior management and the importance of play to integrating the Common Core Standards will be offered throughout the weekend.      

But, wait!!  There's more.  Some of your FAVORITE bloggers are going to be taking part in this amazing conference.  Just look at this fun line-up of blogger presenters that will be at this year's PK1 Conference  . . .





Don't go yet . . . we have even more for you.  Guess what else is happening?? We are thrilled to announce that the PK1 Conference will be hosting it's very first Blogger Fiesta.  At this fun evening event, you can meet and chat with your favorite bloggers over a plate of yummy Mexican apps.  Each attendee will receive dinner, a Blogger CD (filled with $60 of free products), and a raffle ticket to enter to win oodles of other fabulous prizes!  To purchase your $35 Blogger Fiesta ticket, click HERE.

Are you excited yet?  Let's up the ante a bit.  How about a chance to win a FREE conference registration?  Well, it's your lucky day!  The generous folks at CKA have given us one FREE conference registration to give away to our followers. Enter to win via the painless Rafflecopter below.  But, hurry!!!  This giveaway closes Friday evening and our BIG winner will be announced on Saturday, December 13th.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To learn more about PK1 and/or to check out the conference sessions in detail, CLICK HERE!  Thanks for taking the time to visit us today.  We hope to see you at this year's PK1 Conference :)

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas For The Classroom Giveaway

Christmas is just around the corner and I am THRILLED to be teaming up with some of my favorite bloggers to spread a little extra Holiday Cheer across the blogland this year!!!  We know it's a busy time of year when teachers are busy replenishing supplies and also adding new goodies to their classroom bag of tricks. So let us help fill your stockings this year!!

 Each of the participating bloggers will be giving away a classroom goodie of their choice. For mine, I just knew I had to go with these magnetic tens frames. They've quickly become a favorite of mine this year!! Use them to display the date, during your math lesson, centers... so many fun ways to use these!

Then it's time to enter for the grand prize for an HP Laser Printer!!!!  Just follow the Raffelcopter below and you could have prints that are merry and *bright* for life!! :)

Now make sure to stop by and visit each of these sweet bloggers to see the fabulous goodies they have coming your way! All giveaways will run through Friday Dec. 12th so hurry and enter today!!