Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cranky Franky Freebie

You know those days when you have a bunch of things planned out and then on the whim you change it all up? That was what happened today with this activity. And I'm glad it did because it was fun and not to mention funny for me to hear my kids share all the things that make them cranky! 


This was after we read the story Crankenstein. The kids wrote about their text-to-self connections using this little sheet. If it's too late for you to grab the book this year you should definitely put it on your list for next year. Go ahead and PIN it now so you have it on hand for next year!

Then I typed up this quickie one too for anyone who is going... I JUST NEED ONE MORE THING FOR TOMORROW...but doesn't have the story. Ha!!!

 And last but not little shop is ON SALE today and tomorrow!!
Godspeed tomorrow Friends!!! ;)

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  1. Ha! Loved reading their first grade problems! Such a cute idea!