Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hocus Pocus...What's Our Focus!?

Focus...oh, focus!! It's the thing we have spent so much of our time and energy working on these first few weeks of school. Focusing on our routines, Focusing on building our reading stamina, focusing on not putting strange objects in our mouths and returning our folders to the correct spot in the morning. Ya know, all those great things. We also spend time focusing on the new content we're learning each week. And this week, I found a new way to display Our Objectives with our daily focus and I wanted to share it with you!

 Me: "Hocus Pocus..."

My Whole Class: "What's Our Focus!!!"

That's what you will hear in our room when it's time to read one of our weekly objectives. It's amazing what those two little magic words can do to get kids excited about something like objectives! I even have a magic wand that the kids and I will use to point out our objectives on the board. {Note to self...come back and a add picture of the wand!!}

 Objectives, Learning Targets, I Can Statements....whatever it is you call them, I'm willing to bet there is a good chance you are supposed to post them somewhere, right? Well I didn't want them on a bulletin board, I wanted them on my white board. And I found a really simple way to do that with some page protectors from Office Depot and some stickki clips.

Just slide a printed copy of your objectives into the page protectors, then use the sticki clips to here them to your wall or board. Easy peasy and thrifty. Boom! If you like my objective signs you can view them, here.

They're editable, so all you have to do is type your objective into the text box and print. Two other options for display are laminating the signs and writing your objectives using dry a erase marker.

Also, I have to admit I feel like a bad "Back To School" blogger. I remember feeling the same way at the start of last school year. It's not that we're not doing awesome things, it's just that I'm too busy juggling all the balls to stop and take photos of it all. I felt really good when my friend Teeny shared the same sentiment last week. She gets me. Ha! But I did snap a few quick shots of us focusing on some things this week.

I introduced the Word Work center this week and it has been POPULAR!!! Look at the smile on this cuties face!! All the credit goes to Cara on this one for making me look like I almost have it all together with her Short Vowel Bundle. Newsflash...I get by with A LOT of help from my friends!

 Focusing on Math Stations! We've been using math mountains in our new program so I decided we needed to get a little more hands on with them. These were a great way for me to quickly see who has the concept down and who still needs some reteaching.

 And last but not least...getting our GoNoodle on!!! My last year's crew loved to GoNoodle and my new one is not different. Brain breaks help make the world go round' in the afternoons.

TGI {almost} F friends..!!!


  1. Looks like you use Math Expressions?! This is our second year with the program and I love it, but THANKS so much for the awesomely brilliant idea of how to make them more hands-on! Genius:)

  2. Ca-uuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeeeeeeeee! Love you girl. I hope you're having a fab year. I miss chatting with you!!! xoxo

  3. Yay! Mine are similar but these are way better & I love the way you have your kids call them to attention! Stealing ;) Thank you!