Thursday, August 21, 2014

Our Daily Schedule

It's the first official week of school with students. I am loving my first few days bonding with my new batch of firsties!! I have kindly informed my family via. Facebook not to report me a missing person...but they will not likely see or hear from me again until October. I felt I owed them at least that much. #aintnotiredlikebacktoschooltired

I was SO excited to kick it off Teacher Week on Monday with my first post over on Blog Hoppin'. Then Tues & Wend rolled around and I pretty much fell asleep brushing my teeth. But not tonight!! Tonight I put on my big girl jammies and decided to stay up past 8:00 PM and blog! 

Today it's all about WHEN it all goes down. Here's a peek at my daily schedule.

This is it in a nutshell. Our foundational literacy block includes phonics, reading strategies, and guided reading. Learning "how" to read. During Science & S.S. we  focus on content literacy. This is where we are doing close reading & writing about our theme and also when I will integrate all the experiments and special activities to support our learning along the way.

It all looks much more colorful displayed in my classroom!

I use my Schedule It! {Editable}  cards to help keep my students in the know.

I was up late cutting on Monday but still need to get these guys laminated.

The bright colors set matches best with my room decor. But I have a primary color set too. The visuals are helpful at the beginning of the year. Also I find as the year goes on the kids really like knowing what's coming up next. And they are NOT one little bit shy about letting me know if we've deviated from what's on the board that day. When that happens this year I've decided I'm just going break out into the chorus of Let It Go..."the clock never bothered me anyway!" ;)

Hope you all had a GREAT day, regardless of what was on the schedule!!! :)

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  1. I love your schedule cards! Mine are so old and dilapidated and NOT so cute! I'll have to check yours out!

    Stephanie from First Grade Bangs