Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Seussical Shenanigans

Hello there! I feel like it's been a little while since I've stopped by to chit-chat with you all. It's that time of year where things get a little bit busy around these parts. You're teachers, so I know you all know exactly what I mean. And if you stumble upon this post and are not a teacher, just take our word on it!! :) But tonight I wanted to swing by and share a few of the fun Seussical Shenanigans taking place in our room for Read Across America week! It's a three day week for the kiddos. Four days for teachers since Thursday is blocked out for parent teacher conferences. But it's such a fun one to be a first or second graders.

Here are some pics of what's going down!!

One of our learning targets this week centers around character traits. I wanted to add a little extra excitement to the books we were going to be reading and working with this week.

I wrapped up these three new BIG Seuss books I was adding to the library and threw some numbers on them. For each day we were in school this week we opened up a "gift" from the Doc in honor of his birthday March 2nd. I enlisted some of our favorite characters to help deliver the goods.

{My husband is thinking..."You know you're married to a teacher blogger when..."}

Next I felt I needed to get into charecter myself. I can't decide if it's impressive or not that I was able to throw together this Cat In The Hat-ish outfit using all clothing that already existed in my wardrobe with the exception of the hat. Haha!! This was my Monday ensemble. The kids informed me that I couldn't be THE cat since, well, I'm a she. But they would call me Mrs. Cat. Works for me. 

I did a little shopping at Target this weekend. (Story. of. my. life.) This trip I walked out with a stash of brand spanking new hard cover books. They were ALL on sale for $5-!! The hubs didn't even question it. Haha! And these big pens that just kinda screamed for me to buy them. I pasted on the Thing 1 and Thing two labels from some old clipart.

Click HERE to download.

I was hoping to put together a whole pack to compliment our reading ventures. But then I got sick. Strep throat sick. I promise it aint pretty. So, the pack got put on hold. I figure there is always next year! For now, here is a quick freebie you can grab right from the blog. Add it to your bag of tricks!!

Tomorrow is Pajama Day. I'm hoping I can make it in for the final hurrah. I hate missing the special days at school just as much now as I did when I was a kid!! Thanks to a guest reader from our district on Monday we got all kinds of classroom goodies. So at least I know I've got a room full of happy campers! Happy Read Across America Week!!!


  1. Your ideas are fantastic! Did you find the pens at Target? I teach in Memphis and tomorrow is our 3rd snow day, so we're missing the fun! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Stephanie,

    Looks like you are having a great week! Thanks for the freebie. :)

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  3. Those pens are brilliant. I mean BRILLIANT. Loved everything about this post. Wanna move to California so we can work together?? Hehehehehe . . . love you :)

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