Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mini Anchor Chart Stand

I'm SO stinkin' excited to share  my Mini Anchor Chart Stand with you today!! It's something I've been meaning to blog about for awhile. The second Bright Ideas Blog Hop felt like the perfect occasion! Read on to learn more about how I use it and directions for how to build one of your own.

I was inspired to figure out how to make this stand after coming across a blog post where a home school mom shared the normal sized PVC stand she created. I already have a large easel and pocket chart stand in my room, but it got my wheels turning about how I could create a mini version to use during small group instruction. About 70% of my direct instruction takes place in a workshop model with small groups, so I wanted an easy way to integrate the charts I create on the computer.

{Side note: if you like the Photosynthesis chart on display you can find it over on this post}

It can hold as many "mini charts" as I need.
Switching from teaching about Setting to teaching about Plants is easy!!

I didn't go into Lowe's knowing which pieces I was looking for. When I got there, I just started playing with different sized pieces trying to see what would fit together. I ended up spending a grand total of $7.32! The tape and the rings were items I already had on hand but together they cost about $5.00 at Target.

Lowe's Materials
 2 - 1 x 1/2 in. Side Outlet Elbow
2- 1/2 in Adapter (Slip x Thread)
2- 1/2 in Elbow (Slip)
1 - 1/2 inch PVC pipe {Cut into three 10" pieces}

Target Materials
Scotch Expressions Tape
Binder Rings 

The PVC pipe comes about 4 feet long and cost $1.47. I needed the pipe cut but didn't want to try my luck at home, so I asked for help. The first worker I asked wasn't sure if they cut the PVC tubes but another one assured him they do. He showed him where to find this fancy plastic cutter. So if need be you can show them this picture and let them know your friend Stephanie says, they can do it!! :)

 I used the tape to cover up the print on the PVC pipes. It's not really a necessary material but it's definitely my favorite detail!! The tape went on vertically. I layered one strip next to the other. You want to leave a little space on the ends, like the picture on the right, if not they won't fit as well into the end pieces. Screw the "Adapter" into the "Side Outlet Elbow. From there, the "Elbows" and the PVC pipe all slide right into place.

The stand sits nicely on the shelf behind our small group table.

I love my stand and I think you'd love one too!! Happy Creating!

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  12. I received a donation of PVC pipe from Home Depot... when I told them I needed it for my classroom, the manager just gave it to me! I didn't even have to ask for a donation! I used them to make quadrats for science observations, but now I have an abundance of PVC pipe left! Well... now I know exactly what to do with it! Thank you for the idea and for linking to my blog!

    Seconds at the Beach

  13. This is GENIUS! And so easy to make!

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  33. I loooooove these & I finally got the goods today. When you were screwing in the adaptor to the elbow piece, was it hard? Mine start fine then get to tight & I can't get them to go all the way in! I might have hubs try but I don't want to get them stuck!!! Thanks!