Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine in Rewind

Stopping by to share a quick rewind of the Valentine's Day shenanigans yesterday. In spite of the whirlwind that it is, I really can't hate on Valentine's Day in school. I still remember the excitement of going to school on party day as a kid and the urgency with which we tore through our boxes stuffed with cards and sugar bliss. Kind of like this one below. :)

That googly eye Valentine peeper at the top is the card I made for all my kids this year. In six years of making student Valentines, they are deff. my favorite creation. I found the googly eye rings in the party favor aisle at Target. Packs of 6 for $2. Can't go wrong with that!! Two quick dots with the glue gun does the trick to make them stick. But doesn't ruin the cards when they pull them off either.

I shared them on Instagram and had a request to share. So you can download the file HERE.

Five More Clips From Out Day..

ONE: I got to wear one of my other recent Target purchases.
#everythingiowncomesfromtarget #almost

TWO: Pin the nose on the heart made for a perfect LAST MINUTE Valentine Party station. I seriously threw that thing together in the last ten minutes of my plan time. Haha!! 

THREE: Valentine Bingo. Another great idea in a pinch.

FOUR: Our Social Committe Raffled up a little Starbucks lovin. 
And guess who won!?  I love that place a whole latte. ;)

FIVE: My sweet hubs and I went out to our favorite local sushi restaurant for dinner. He came home with a gift card to Victoria Secrets (YAY!!) and these roses. And it was at that moment I realized all my vases are still boxed up from our move in my parent's basement. 

I mean, what other choice did I have!? Haha!! 

Now I'm off to get my hair did and enjoy my THREE day weekend!!!


  1. I think everything I own comes from Target too! My mom told me yesterday that I should be given an award for most money spent there - oops. Love your Valentines!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple

  2. Is that a blender??? Haha! Thanks for the laugh! Unfortunately I don't live near Target anymore...but that might be a good thing...for my wallet. Happy weekend!

    Keep Calm and Apple On

  3. This post made me smile and crack up, too! Those Valentines are FAB-dorable, Stephanie!!!!!!
    Hugs to you!

  4. those valentines are so cute!!