Monday, February 17, 2014

Presidential Writing

I was hoping to start our Presidents Day unit last week. But a little combination called 100th Day and Valentine's Day kind of stepped in and foiled my plans. No biggie though. We'll be rolling with my it all this week and then working on American Symbols the week after that. I decided to go ahead and add a little Historical flair to our writing center for these next two weeks.

One of our Social Studies standards discusses how communities and lives were different in the past. Well in George and Abe's day, people wrote with feathers and ink. I'm not quite cool teacher enough to bust out an ink well and let them have at it. But, add a pen and a little tape, and we're halfway there. ;)

I made sure to tape the feathers up *just* high enough so that they can still grip the pen properly.  In addition to being a good talking point for the above mentioned Social Studies standard, I'm hoping it adds a little extra motivation to do our best writing this week. Pens are not something they get to use on a regular basis to do their writing. So I know this will be kind of a BIG deal for my class. 

 A few of the pages they will be working on this week. They come from my All About The Presidents Unit and Presidential Word Work Freebie packs.

I also wanted to share that All About The Presidents  received a big ol' update last night!

 It still includes all the same fun activities from last year. But I've added a few more and revamped the overall look of things. You can now find all the great text passages and text based evidence questions that are included in my other Common Core Galore units.

If you already own it, be sure and stop by TPT to download the new version!!
Here is a peek at some of the updated pages.

Since today is President's Day, the update is ON SALE for 20% off until midnight!

Happy President's Day!! 


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