Sunday, January 12, 2014

Arctic Adventures

Want to win over a room full of children in mere seconds? Show them this video of E.T. the Walrus practicing his Arctic sounds. I'm pretty sure they could hear the laughter coming from our classroom all the way down in the the front office!!

                                                              {click here to watch}

This guy made for the perfect introduction to our Arctic Adventures unit!!

I was super excited to display these vocabulary words with the vibrant real life pictures.

Like all of my For The Common Core Classroom Units, this one comes with lots of different text passages to focus on developing close reading & text based evidence.  They use their reading detective skills to go back into the text and find the "evidence" they need to answer each question on their sheet. I like to have my kids use a highlighter to locate their evidence before they respond to the questions.

 There are two versions of every passage to allow for easy differentiation. They will read about the Arctic Tundra, Polar Bears, Walrus, Arctic Fox, Arctic Hare, Harp Seal, and Caribou.

There are a few new this one!

  And of hands on activities that merge writing &  the non-fiction studies we've been up to!

 You can preview the full unit HERE in my TPT Shop!!

Happy Weekend Ya'll!!!


  1. This looks awesome Stephanie!! On the wishlist! Now, just to find time to fit in all the fun!! :)


  2. Stephanie! Your Arctic Adventures unit looks AMAZING! Heading to your TPT store to shop now!
    First Grade Critter Cafe