Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ornament Idea & Holly Jolly Giveaway

I'm going out shopping right now to grab the bulbs I will need for my annual Hand print ornament gift to families. If you wait until the week before Christmas (like I did last year) they're trickier to find, so I figured today was a great day to re-blog about this one. A little Saturday Throw Back if you will. Right now the ornaments are cheap and highly available at places like Walmart & Hobby Lobby!!

Each year I think, maybe I'll try something different this year. But, I can't stop being in love with these little kid created snowmen. So I'm looking forward to starting them again this week!! I blogged about this last year too, so you can read here for more details.

The tag has been updated for 2013! You can download the new tags HERE.

Now how about some gifts for you?

This is my second weekend in a row with a fun Holiday giveaway for ya.

Each of these ladies is offering up a little present from their store! One grand prize winner is going to get them all but five people will also win one of these great gifts!!. 

Scroll down to see what is wrapped and waiting...

Katie's Santa's Surprise Centers - they'll be hot off the press this weekend!!

Quick & Easy Raffelcopter below will get you entered.

We wanted you to have these goodies sooner than later so you can start using them.

So hurry, the giveaway will end Monday at midnight!!


  1. I love these ornaments! The color of your christmas ball is beautiful! I have used the dark blue in the past but this year I was trying to pick something different since the pre-schools in my area have been making this craft. I'd love to have one every year from my daughter! :) Just saying....

    Shifting Teacher K-2

  2. Thanks for re-sharing such a cute and easy Christmas gift !!

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  4. Thank you sooooo much for updating the poem for 2014. You are truly appreciated! Happy Holidays!