Sunday, December 1, 2013


Deck the halls it's now December...!!! Fa la la la la la la la la.

Here's a (SUPER QUICK) giveaway you should enter...!!

It's been an wonderful few days off but now it's time for the 15 day haul to the finish line!! My my sweet friend, Katie, suggested sneaking in a QUICK giveaway to kick off the holiday sale & season! So I hopped on board. Here is look at what you can win today. 

 There will be SIX winners - one for each goodie above!

 Entering is easy, just use the Raffelcopter below. 

And everyone is WINNING this Monday & Tuesday during the big TPT Sale!!!

I uploaded these two just in time for the event.

{Winter Flash Fluency - the follow up to my Fall Flash Fluency! Read a post on these HERE.}
{December Common Core Writing Galore - check out ALL previous months HERE}

 My entire TPT shop is 20% off  Mon & Tues!! 
Use TPT's Code: CYBER at checkout to score an additional discount!

It's the perfect time to tackle that wish list, so so don't forget to check yours- twice!!


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