Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry & Bright

From my little family to yours...
We  hope your Christmas was Merry & Bright!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

"Caught" Being Good & Peek At Our Week

We moved {FINALLY} into our new house this week!! I'll share more on that soon :) But we have been without internet since we moved. Some wonderful people are scheduled to come over tomorrow and get us back online...PTL!!!  I'm hoping to make up for the lack of blogging this week with a double duty post - a holiday survival management tip & visual plans for the week all rolled into one!!

Bless their hearts, I know they just needed to run out their wiggles out!! But the weather this past week has left my class with one indoor recess after another. Pair that with the knowledge that Christmas is just around the corners and well, we need a little *EXTRA* motivation to keep it together this time of year. To try and ease their jumpin' jingle bells I ended up kicking one of my favorite classroom management tricks from this year into high gear!!

Basically anytime I "catch" my kids being super ON POINT , I try and snap a picture of them on my iPhone. (I use that thing all day at school...if I don't set alarms for guided reading it's over-!!) My favorite time of the day to do this is during center rotations, when they're supposed to be working hard independently. Once I've collected 4-5 pictures I will e-mail them to myself and call the kids to the carpet so that we can  shout out our most recent batch of kiddos "caught" doing the right thing!

The first time I complied all the pictures into one using  Insta Collage app. They thought this was THE coolest thing!!
"How did you DO that!?" they asked as they tried to find themselves on the screen. :)

I can't tell you how much they LOVE when we sit down to see who has been "caught". When they see themselves the smile on their face is just priceless!!! I typically do this about 1-2 times a week, but like I said, I kicked it up a notch last week. We were checking in daily!! Ha! This week I started handing out these little seasonal notes to accompany this gig. I told my class that our elf, Snowball, made them for me to pass out. Isn't he sweet!?

And this week, Snowball will be getting in on the action too!!Elf or no elf, you can download both versions of the tags here.But remember - this can work all year!!  And I love that it doesn't cost me a DIME! :)

Ok, switching gears for a moment. I'm trying my hand at my first ever visual plans...eek!! I'm not committing to these on any kind of regular basis. Just getting my feet wet over here today. Thanks to the ever fabulous Kelley Dolling for sharing her template with me!!

You can click any of these images below to go to the Google doc with direct links to everything you see.   

A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Who says teaching those standards can't be sprinkled with loads FUN?! I loved Tracy's Thanksgiving e-book, so I'm very excited to read Elf in Training this week. Alisha's Merry & Bright pack reviews all kinds of skills. I'm going with contractions & retell this week. And Friday is ALL about Polar Express in 1st & 2nd grade. You can read all about our magical day last year HERE
 Lots of seasonal writing to help decorate the walls this week.

We started with Kelley's Math pack on Friday. The kids gave this one two big thumbs way up. 
 I used Katie's math centers last year, they tie right in with out Polar Express shenanigans!

Truth be told I'm SAD to be wrapping this one up!! We've had a blast traveling around the globe!!!

 But I'm already hard at work on our January Science/SS Common Core travel plans! 
Arctic Adventures is coming early January!! Stay tuned. :)

I know that I really like looking at other people's visual plans, so every once and awhile I'll try to see what I can piece together over here. But for this week I just wanted to show you what will be happening in our room in case you're looking for a few more ideas on how exactly to survive make it to THIS point in the week....
Who's with me!? ;)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ornament Idea & Holly Jolly Giveaway

I'm going out shopping right now to grab the bulbs I will need for my annual Hand print ornament gift to families. If you wait until the week before Christmas (like I did last year) they're trickier to find, so I figured today was a great day to re-blog about this one. A little Saturday Throw Back if you will. Right now the ornaments are cheap and highly available at places like Walmart & Hobby Lobby!!

Each year I think, maybe I'll try something different this year. But, I can't stop being in love with these little kid created snowmen. So I'm looking forward to starting them again this week!! I blogged about this last year too, so you can read here for more details.

The tag has been updated for 2013! You can download the new tags HERE.

Now how about some gifts for you?

This is my second weekend in a row with a fun Holiday giveaway for ya.

Each of these ladies is offering up a little present from their store! One grand prize winner is going to get them all but five people will also win one of these great gifts!!. 

Scroll down to see what is wrapped and waiting...

Katie's Santa's Surprise Centers - they'll be hot off the press this weekend!!

Quick & Easy Raffelcopter below will get you entered.

We wanted you to have these goodies sooner than later so you can start using them.

So hurry, the giveaway will end Monday at midnight!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dear Santa...We Want an Elf!

Today we wrote letters to Santa. Not to tell him what's on our wish lista!! We wanted to let him know that we REALLY want an elf. Yes, I'm talking about *that* elf.

But he's not here. Yet. 

I told my class that last year we had an elf in December. I'm a 1/2 combo teacher and a few of my firsties looped up with me to 2nd this year, so they were quick to confirm. I explained how last year only a few teachers asked for elves but this year, thousands of teacher were asking for them. I told them Santa doesn't have enough elves to spare (he needs to keep a few hundred working at the North Pole of course) for every classroom, and that I was worried a letter from me might not do the trick this year. BUT - I bet we would catch his attention if our entire class wrote letters persuading him to let our class host an elf!!

 YES-!! We agreed. Everyone would write Santa and let him know all the reasons he should consider sending us an elf again this year. We began to write a letter on behalf of the class together to start. 

Everyone jotted at least one reason (the "because" part of our persuasion) on a sticky note. Then we did a shared letter writing, sharing our sticky notes when we got to the reasoning sentences. We also labeled each part and circled all of the commas so we wouldn't forget to add them in our own letters.

Then off they went to work on their own letters. 

I shared this one on my Instagram this morning. He has so many great reasons!! I can't tell you how many kids promised they would "clean" the elf...!?

But this little guy's letter made me giggle the most when he read it to me.

"Dear Santa, I want a good looking elf. 
Please with a gum drop on top. We will take care of him."

We mailed our letters to the North Pole.
So now all we can do is wait. And hope he shows up again.


While this makes a GREAT lesson in persuasive writing, it also buys me just a little more time. I struggle to remember to move that elf. Setting alarms on my phone is a necessity. And even then, there is about an 80% chance I am moving him minutes before the bell rings the next morning once I realize I haven't moved him. Two weeks is my max!! So our Elf won't be making any appearances until Monday. But, I'm a total sucker for the magic of Christmas in these little one's hearts. I love watching them BELIEVE!! I think it's good for the heart. 

Theirs and mine. :)

When he does arrive he will deliver this response letter. 

I shared it last year as a freebie on this post. Feel free to grab it here too. 

Speaking of writing. Apparently the December writing center wasn't going to prep itself this month over Thanksgiving break. Who knew? So I got called out today by my class today. 

"Mrs. Stewart, when do we get to write about December stuff??" 

Umm...just as soon as I lamination that's been sitting here all weekend long.

Happy to report that things are officially all systems go for the morning thought!!

#wekeepitrealatfallingintofirst ;) 

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Deck the halls it's now December...!!! Fa la la la la la la la la.

Here's a (SUPER QUICK) giveaway you should enter...!!

It's been an wonderful few days off but now it's time for the 15 day haul to the finish line!! My my sweet friend, Katie, suggested sneaking in a QUICK giveaway to kick off the holiday sale & season! So I hopped on board. Here is look at what you can win today. 

 There will be SIX winners - one for each goodie above!

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And everyone is WINNING this Monday & Tuesday during the big TPT Sale!!!

I uploaded these two just in time for the event.

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It's the perfect time to tackle that wish list, so so don't forget to check yours- twice!!