Monday, October 21, 2013

My Truth: Fitness

My girl Denise at Sunny Days in Second Grade is starting a 12 week series called My Truth Monday! One of my favorite parts about blogging the past two years has been getting to know various bloggers along the way. This just feels like one more way to share who I am in and outside of the classroom with all of you! I'm excited for the first topic in the series because fitness is something I've been wanting to blog about since the summer. And oddly enough, I find that my truth about fitness is very closely linked to my classroom life. I'll explain...

I like to tell myself that if there were extra hours in the day I would use them to workout. But in reality even if there were extra hours I'd still probably find some other way to fill that time, because there is ALWAYS something else I could be doing. Since I'm never going to FIND the time (Trust me, I've looked!!!) I really need to MAKE the time.To me fitness embodies all around healthy behaviors, not just exercising. So here are a few things I know I can be better about...

- Drinking enough H2O

The truth is if I drink a lot of water then I need to run to the bathroom. A lot. Like, a crazy lot. So I don't really drink water during the day. I don't think there is solution to that problem. But my best friend bought me this bad boy when I have having a particularly stressful week this year. I know, how awesome is she!?!  And I love my new cup, that I sipped from all day today!

- Catching enough Zzzzz....

Yall' I'm SUCH a night owl!! I've always wished I could be a morning person, but some things just aren't in the cards. It doesn't help that I get my biggest productivity surge around 9:00 PM. And I like to stay up and create things to use in my classroom, especially when I'm really rolling on a new unit...#teacherproblems.

-Oh Snap!
Sugar is my kryptonite. Nuff' said. 

- Making my workouts a PRIORITY.

I end back at my original point. My sister in law instated a little "Family Workout Challenge" this past week for all of us adult "kids" to see who can log the most workouts between now and Christmas. My husband and his siblings are UBER competitive. I'm not really on their level when it comes to competitive drive, haha. But it was an incentive to start. So today I went to the gym and got my workout on for the first time in weeks! Because I have to start somewhere, so why not here.

Want to get started with me? Share your workouts and healthy choices on Instagram with the hashtag  #Fallingintofitness  and tag me at @Fallingintofirst so I can leave you a little insta-love! :)


  1. I LOVE the idea of a family workout challenge! We actually are sort of having a challenge like that at school, but it started when I was sick so I felt like I was already out for this month (it goes by daily averages for a minimum of 20 minutes each day). Once I get my smartphone back, I would LOVE to join you on Instagram, and I hope to see you link up with me tomorrow!

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  2. LOVE the family workout challenge! And I LOVE that you are a 1st/2nd teacher! Me too! I have spent 3 years in kinder and now I am in a 1st/2nd split!

    Kimberly Ann
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  3. I have found that after I get used to the extra water, I don't have to use the bathroom as much. It's almost like my body takes it in more or something. Maybe try it out over a break or something?