Monday, August 12, 2013

Meet The Teacher Monday

It's Teacher Week over on Blog Hoppin! Today is Meet The Teacher Monday, so I'm sharing five things that you may or may not already know about little ol' me...

        {This is me now. Circa 2013}                {This was me in Kinder. Circa 1991}

1. I teach 1st AND 2nd Grade...

I'm a COMBO class teacher. I wasn't always a combo class teacher. At first, I taught straight 1st grade for three years. Then last year I accepted a job in a new district (the one I was pining to be in) as a 1st and 2nd grade combo class teacher. And I'll be doing it again this year. Last year I had more second graders than first graders. This year I will have a few more first graders than second graders. We all come together in one room and operate as ONE classroom team, the same as any other classroom. But sometimes (ok really, a lot of times) we have to learn different things at different times. So much of our day is spent learning in small groups! I plan for two grades and schedule two grades worth of curriculum into one day, everyday. And yes, I'm tiered just typing about it. ;)

2. My hair color has changed quite a lot over the years.

I've always been in love with red hair. Lately it's more brown.  I've never gone fully blonde.  
My husband likes to tease me that it's going to all fall out  one day if I keep it up. 
I tell him to Keep Calm and Hair Dye On.

3. My husband and I met studying abroad in Australia 7 years ago.

 "I'll never be the same having seen the moon from the other side of the world." <33

4. I'm a lefty.

Writing on a white board was something I had actual nightmares about in college. 

5. I am adopted.

From Santiago, Chile. When I graduated from college I gifted myself 8 weeks of language classes and travel in Chile. I'd always wanted to spend some time living in the place I am from. It was an incredible country to explore. The hubs joined me for the final two weeks too! Best trip ever.

If you want to know even more about me you can check out my Meet The Teacher page!!


  1. Wow Stephanie! I didn't know any of that!!!! I love your brown hair, but you are gorgeous regardless!

    What a neat meet the teacher!!! :)

  2. Nice to know more about you, Stephanie! I love your ideas and so glad you share them on this blog.

  3. That trip to Chile sounds like an amazing adventure!

  4. I have taught quite a few years of my 20 years of teaching as a 1/2 combo teacher- it's very challenging- the planning about killed me & I felt like I couldn't dare take a day off or it might all fall apart. haha. Thankfully, I am mostly a straight first teacher now (except for 2 years ago when I had to do a K/1 combo- eeek!). Someday (hopefully) you'll move up the chain & someone with less time will be teaching the combo- not you! I feel your pain. I did enjoy the 2nd graders though. Carol