Monday, July 15, 2013

First Week Of School Activities {1st, 2nd, 3rd}

The first week of school is still over a month away for me. But after July 4th I can't shake that feeling that the new school year is already nipping on my heels, even if it's technically still weeks away. {Does anyone else feel like that too...!?} I recently purchased a clipart bundles from one of my favorites- Melonheadz - that was just perfect for pne of my all time favorite first week of school activities!!

 {First off, can we take a moment to check out my new chevron borders in was love at first sight I tell you!!}

The original idea was inspired by Howard Gardner's Theories of Multiple Intelligences and the belief that as humans we all have strengths and weaknesses in different areas. I have converted his eight domains into kid friendly language: Word Smart, Music Smart, Body Smart, Art Smart, Number Smart, Self Smart, Team Smart, and Nature Smart.  I begin by reading the following story I wrote to my new class. In the story, the little girl is sad on the first day of school because someone told her only smart kids can go to school, and she doesn't feel smart. Her teacher assures her everyone is smart, then proceeds to introduce her to her classmates and share their different types of smart.  

After the story we have lots of discussion about which smarts we can also relate to. I give the kids a sticky note and have them write their names on it. Then I tell them to pick one type of smart that they feel they relate to most and stick their sticky note underneath it.

The main idea of this lesson is to show the kids that everyone has strengths they can feel proud of and show them that "book smart" isn't the only type of smart that is valued. Students will also complete a short writing piece about the smart they select. When they finish their writing they are given one of these bracelets to wear proudly around the school!

This is a printable I plan to frame and hang in my room as a reminder of this lesson all year!

Feel free to gab and download for your room too, here.

I have lots of other first week of school activities available in my  Back to School Bash Packs.
I have packs for first, second, and third grade!!!

 Each pack contains a variation of the following...


 Now friends I'm taking off to pack for little trip I have planned to hot and sunny LAS VEGAS!!! 

I'll be meeting up with a whole bunch of sweet blogging friends this week!! You know I will blog all about it when I get back BUT in the meantime, you can catch sneak peeks of the excursions in Sin City on my Instagram account each day! :)


  1. thank you! I just got this on tpt!

  2. Wow, thank you so much for the great resource and ideas! We're still not out of school yet but I'm already thinking about next year.
    Can't wait to download.

  3. This looks amazing! I have it on my wishlist. SO excited!!!

    The Teaching Twosome

  4. Your sets look great! I teach at a multiple intelligence school and love those bracelets! Are they and the story available in you store? I'd love to grab them!


    1. Thanks Brandi!! They are in my store in all of my Back To School Bash packs. I will shoot you an e-mai!:)

  5. I love the "We are all Smart" poster and all the ideas for having kids identify with how they are smart. The Traveling Teacher

  6. Where can we download the "Everyone is Smart" pack? LOVE!!!

  7. Thanks so much Tori!! The "Everyone is Smart" activity is included in all of my Back To School Bash packs for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade on TPT. I will add a link to the 1st grade pack at the end of this comment.You can also click any of the cover images on this blog post to take you directly to the grade you need! :)

  8. Thanks a bunch, Stephanie! I'm a K-5 Interventionist, so I see students who are in need of remediation. Often they come to me feeling crummy about themselves or thinking they are "dumb" because they are pulled from their regular classrooms to receive this extra help. This activity is sure to get everyone thinking about their own positive attributes and raise their self esteem. Now I'm just trying to figure out which pack to download that can target this entire age range! Thanks for this fantastic resource. :)

    From Polliwogs to Frogs

  9. I love the idea of being smart in other areas. SOoooo many times kids feel left behind even though they have other talents that shine. You have a new follower! :^D

  10. This is the bomb!!!!

    Charts N Chit Chat

  11. I love your activity 'Everyone is Smart' would you be willing to sell it to me as a separate unit rather than in the Back to 2nd Grade Bash set?

  12. This "Everyone is Smart" is........ SMART! I'm in love with it! Consider my world rocked!

  13. I would also love the "Everyone is Smart" as a separate unit. I would love to do it in 5th grade!