Friday, June 14, 2013

Five For Friday: Tables or Deks?

 I needed a place to dive back into my blogging world so I figured no better place than Doodle Bug's Five For Friday! I have a question for you all, but I think we'll save that "bussiness" talk til the end of this summertime Friday  post... :)

 1. We are closing on our house the end of the month and beginning construction on our new one, which is currently nothing more than a great big pile of dirt. I look forward to the day...5 months from now, when it will have turned into our new home!!

 2. I should be packing. Like, packing everyday from now until then. (Ugh.) But instead I find myself procrastinating at every turn for more important ventures, like these.

{The adorable little guy in the life vest belongs to my friend, the boar owner.}


3. The re-decorating of my classroom for next year is well underway in my mind and I've been shopping for bright colored matching pieces at every turn. {I have a whole post on my finds coming your way} Sticking with my favorite BRIGHT tropical colors and adding some chevron into the mix. What I'm not buying, I'm making, in my new Beach Brights Classroom Theme Set!! I told one of my friends I was making myself a bright chevron pack and she asked if I could make one for her too with a beachy theme. I got the Beach Brights Clip Chart posted in my shop today. If chevron and bright colors are your thing the rest of the pieces that match this set and a non-beach themed one are hopefully posting this weekend!

4. We got a juicer. Actually, my husband insisted on getting a juicer and I was less than thrilled with the idea. Drinkable veggies?! I had my doubts. But I've actually found a few juices I've come to like. I do however insist on drinking them in all of our prettiest glasses.

5. I've always had desks in my classroom, every year that I've taught. But this year, I might have the option to bring tables in instead. I asked my Facebook Followers and my Instagram Followers to chime in on the Desk vs. Tables debate. So If you're in a similar boat or just curious what all was said, you can go check out everyone's comments and join the convos!

Ok, back soon with lots of my classroom decor finds!! Happy Friday Yall!


  1. My one question is, where do you put the kids' supplies if you get rid of desks?

  2. I opted for tables instead of desks because the desks at my school are HUGE and take up too much space. My first graders don't have enough stuff to put in them to make them worth it. I used the little sterilite drawers the last two years. Each student had their own drawer and I kept their crayons, pencils, erasers and markers in there. I stored scissors and glue in a different tub so they could only use them when I wanted them to. :) It worked out well. This year I'm thinking of trying out the shower caddies that will hold supply boxes and making table captains in charge of passing them out when we need them just to save time on transitions. Feel free to stop by my blog and check out pics from my classroom last year.


  3. I've only taught with desks for my'll be interesting to see what you decide! It's so funny how we're all just getting out of school, but planning for next year all at the same time! Enjoy your summer! =)

    A+ Firsties

  4. Can't wait to see what your room will look like.
    Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

  5. I have tables and each child has a little box with all their supplies. They put them in their cubbies every afternoon so that I can wipe down the tables. Works for me! Happy home building!

  6. Tables all the way! My kids store their journals in baskets that clip on to the table. Each student has cubbies and I use chair pockets.

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    1. I just got tables this year and love them. I love the group work, the homier feeling, and the general space saving benefits of tables. PLUS, I hate when the stick a bunch of stuff in their desks, and they can't do that now! :)
      Creating Lifelong Learners