Thursday, June 27, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Sentence Buddy

So if you follow this little blog it probably sounds like I've been talking about moving and packing all the time.Well this is it - moving weekend! Everything needs to be out and into our temporary digs by Sunday so I literally have piles of stuff e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.

I PINKY PROMISE to have new posts to share just as soon as we make it through this weekend. I've already got them "penciled in" on the calendar. Thanks for baring with me!! Until then, thanks Cara for saving my hide and giving me something to blog about with yall. Today's Throwback Thursday is my most viewed post of all time - The Sentence Buddy Freebie! I'm thrilled by how many people love this little guy and all the awesome feedback it's gotten. It's a perfect beginning of the year writing activity, one your kids will refer back to all year long.


Ok, so I'm a day late. But as promised I've uploaded my little Complete Sentence Buddy freebie!! 

   [Click the picture you grab your copy ]

We spend a lot of time at the beginning of the year talking about the parts of a complete sentence. Well I wrote the silly song below and my kiddos chanted along like champs! I'd over hear them singing the song to themselves later in the day during centers and recess and then even while they were writing....which got me thinking. I've always thought of sentence horizontally. I never really thought of it from a top down approach. But everyone has a head and everyone has feet, and this concept really seemed to make sense to me kiddos. So I grabbed a sentence strip and set to work onto making a concrete visual for them. Hence, the birth of the Sentence Buddy!

 This is what our Sentence Buddies looked like at first. The kids kept asking me, "Where are his arms?" I explained we'd add the arms when we learned about the other two pieces of a complete sentence. So this week, we went back and added arms :)

Now I can easily have them refer to their sentence buddy when they are writing sentences, or if I want them to identify parts of sentences.The day after we finished our sentence buddies, I had them locate each part using the worksheet below. This is where the color coding came in handy! We put three little lines under the capitals in red, circle the punctuation marks in blue, underline the nouns in yellow, and box the verbs in green.

I hope you and your class can have as much fun with this guy as mine does!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Beach Bright Classroom

My favorite place in the whole world is the beach! Given this fact, the hubs has asked me more than once why I've never gone with a beach theme in my classroom in the past. So after hours of having way too much fun playing with beach themed clip art, I decided I might have to go for it this year!!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces in this HUGE beach themed classroom decor bundle!!

The entire set includes....

-name tags
-months of the year
-days of the week
-schedule cards
-alphabet cards
-number cards
-ordinal numbers
-word wall headers
-job chart
-multipurpose labels and signs
-pennant banners
-bathroom passes
- clip chart behavior management
- supply labels/direction dots
Over 30 EDITABLE slides that you can customize!!

Also, you can grab these cute Beach Bright Bathroom Passes as a freebie from the pack!

Just punch a small hole and add some fun ribbon :)

I'm also working on adding to my Owl n Dots Classroom Decor pack from last year. Unfortunately, I have to spend the majority of the weekend packing our life into boxes, but there will definitely be some "sneak away breaks" so I can finish updating. For now here's a sneak peak of the new cover...

Like I said, I have way too much fun playing with fonts and clip art over here!!! ;) 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Five For Friday: Tables or Deks?

 I needed a place to dive back into my blogging world so I figured no better place than Doodle Bug's Five For Friday! I have a question for you all, but I think we'll save that "bussiness" talk til the end of this summertime Friday  post... :)

 1. We are closing on our house the end of the month and beginning construction on our new one, which is currently nothing more than a great big pile of dirt. I look forward to the day...5 months from now, when it will have turned into our new home!!

 2. I should be packing. Like, packing everyday from now until then. (Ugh.) But instead I find myself procrastinating at every turn for more important ventures, like these.

{The adorable little guy in the life vest belongs to my friend, the boar owner.}


3. The re-decorating of my classroom for next year is well underway in my mind and I've been shopping for bright colored matching pieces at every turn. {I have a whole post on my finds coming your way} Sticking with my favorite BRIGHT tropical colors and adding some chevron into the mix. What I'm not buying, I'm making, in my new Beach Brights Classroom Theme Set!! I told one of my friends I was making myself a bright chevron pack and she asked if I could make one for her too with a beachy theme. I got the Beach Brights Clip Chart posted in my shop today. If chevron and bright colors are your thing the rest of the pieces that match this set and a non-beach themed one are hopefully posting this weekend!

4. We got a juicer. Actually, my husband insisted on getting a juicer and I was less than thrilled with the idea. Drinkable veggies?! I had my doubts. But I've actually found a few juices I've come to like. I do however insist on drinking them in all of our prettiest glasses.

5. I've always had desks in my classroom, every year that I've taught. But this year, I might have the option to bring tables in instead. I asked my Facebook Followers and my Instagram Followers to chime in on the Desk vs. Tables debate. So If you're in a similar boat or just curious what all was said, you can go check out everyone's comments and join the convos!

Ok, back soon with lots of my classroom decor finds!! Happy Friday Yall!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Swimming Into Summer

I'm going on day five of summer break over here, and so far I'm soaking up every sunny minute! Some of my blogging buddies asked me if I'd join them for a huge summer giveaway, and I thought, what a perfect way to kick off my summer blog posts!! {I also hope it gives those of you who still have a little ways to go a little pre-summer treat} The best part about this giveaway...? Everyone who enters is a winner!! And hopefully you get to meet a few awesome new bloggers along the way!

You can receive ALL of this!

To receive the Swimming into Summer items, all you need to do is follow ALL of our blogs then come back and fill out our form.  That's it!  You can enter now through Sunday, June 9th.  We'll start sending them out on Monday, June 10th.  You can go to each blog, by clicking on each button below.
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Remember, all you need to do to get all of these is just follow each blog and enter using this form.  Even if you're already out of school, you can use these next year! :)
Hurry up though! The giveaway will only run through Sunday, June  9th. So sign up now and we will begin sending out the products next Monday!

Happy Summer 2013 kickoff friends!!!