Monday, May 6, 2013

Fabulous Feedback + Teacher Appreciation

There are truly very few things that make me as happy as I get while reading some of the sweet Feedbacks that people leave on items in my TPT Shop!! I can be having one of those days where the copy machine breaks, someone pees their pants, and we're on our 3rd day of weather induced indoor recess - and then I get a notification on my phone that someone has said something like this...

...and it just makes my whole day!!!

I can't tell you how many times I've wished there was a way to contact people who have left  feedback like this just to say THANK YOU right on back!! So when Christina suggested throwing a linky to thank followers for their fabulius feedback, I knew I needed in!!! I picked three items in my store and highlighted a few of the feedbacks that they have received. Check them out below. If you happen to notice your TPT user name next to one of the featured feedbacks please send me an e-mail, I've got an extra thank you just for ya :)

I started making these in March because I felt like my class could use a little more guided focus without taking away the option of choice. I also wanted to make sure they were aligned to the types of writing we are now teaching through Common Core. My kids had a blast in March picking the prompts they wanted and I loved being able to set up my whole writing center in one shot. So I went ahead and made sets for April and May too, with the intention to add a new one every month!

My Plant Unit and Weather Unit are the two best selling items in my store! I bundled them together with my Matter Unit to save anyone interested in all 3 some extra moolah. Teaching Science is my favorite because the kids are so engaged in the content. The feedbacks below come from the Bundle as well as the individually listed units!

This craftivity I made last year was inspired by my class that were OBSESSED with all things Apple- iPhones, iPods, and iPads! We make this iDad the last week of school every year, since in my book, it's only fair that the Dads get a little love too!!

Awhile back I wrote a detailed post about Leaving Feedback on TPT and how it will help you earn credits that you can apply towards big savings on future purchases!! It's a win win! And right now, you want to make sure you have every credit you can get because, Tuesday and Wednesday are the site wide TEACHER APPRECIATION SALE!!! My entire store will be 20% off  and TPT is throwing in an additional savings with the code TAD13 at checkout.

All your favorite are joining in, because we know that a little appreciation goes a LONG way!!


  1. iDad looks so cute!!! Thank you for allowing me to link up with you!!!! Best wishes on your sale and Happy Appreciation Week to you. =)

  2. I am so excited to link up with you for the sale! xoxo!

  3. I was so surprised when I was reading through your post today and saw my TpT user name! =) (I Love 3rd Grade) My 3rd graders are STILL asking when the next time will be that we can use the common core writing prompts-yay! =) Thanks again! =)