Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Who Do You Stand For....?

I don't ever really get all teacher sappy-dappy on the blog but today, I'm going there. 

Just a little bit.

I found this quote the other day and thought, I could not have said it better myself!

The end of every year is always bittersweet but I always choose to focus on the *sweet* part, also known as summer vaca knocking on my door!! But today, at our last staff meeting of the year, my principal had us all sit in a circle. Then she told us to think of that kid you had this year whose life you know you made an impact on. So we did. Simple enough, right? But then she told us she wanted us to take turns standing up and when we stand say, "I stand for _____________ because...."And one at a time we dutifully stood up around the room and shared which child in our building we were standing for this afternoon and why. When it was my turn to stand I started to speak and about 6 words in I got all choked up and I ended up having to cut my piece short because the more I tried to say the faster those tears seemed to come. I felt like such a goober because I was the first one to cry. But I must have encouraged the other blubber balls in the room to say their piece because after I stood up people seemed to follow the trend.  I silently thanked every one of them for not making me the only one to go there!!

By the time everyone had shared who they stood for the whole room was emotional. All the names that were spoken were the kids who had pushed us all the hardest, left us feeling the most frustrated, the ones who sometimes make you  me want to go drown my day in a big bottle of wine tequila. But they're also the ones that seem to steal little pieces of our hearts when they walk out of our rooms at the end of the year and onto the next.

So if you want to give yourself a brief feel good moment tonight ask yourself-

 Who would you stand for?

Friday, May 24, 2013

Meet The Celebrities {Freebie}

This time next Friday, I will have already been on Summer Vacation for over 24 hours! Hot diggity dog do school years fly by fast or what!? I am going to miss my little first and second grade superstars!!!  But before we part ways for the summer, we will be honoring each little celebrity at our Red Carpet Awards next week...

                                       {I'm loving Instagram- Follow me @Fallingintofirst}

I threw up some yellow butcher paper then had every kiddo sit down in my hot pink director's chair with some star shaped sunglasses that I scooped up at The Dollar Tree.Check out some of their cute mugs above! Then I traced some large stars, inserted the pics into powerpoint circles, and pasted them onto the stars. These are going to line the walls at the Award ceremony! :)

Accompanying their stars is a little paragraph they wrote about themselves using this model paragaph I displayed: 

"Mrs. Stewart was born on January 15th, 1986. She entered 2nd grade in August of 2012. Mrs. Stewart is most famous for teaching like a champion! She is most looking forward to learning about multiplication in 3rd grade."

If this is something you think you can use with your little superstars before the end of the year {or at the beginning - celerity introductions} then you can download it directly from the blog by clicking the image below or {here} There are two different sized templates with different line options depending on which grade you teach.

{Thank you Cara and Krista for the sweet fonts and graphics}

Today we went on a field trip to the local park and our Principal spent a day on the roof to celebrate our state testing scores and hard work in April!! She was true to her word and she stayed up there all day long. The kids were thrilled! 

Ok folks, I'm about to grab me a smoothie and catch a few last rays of sun in the back yard. 

Ps. The pool in our neighborhood opens this weekend...Sun-sational!!! TGIF!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

End of The Year Class Gift

We've only got six days left over here. That's not a lot of days!  If you still have several days {or weeks} left, please don't throw things at me, because I come bearing a FREEBIE!! The past few weeks of DRA testing, report crads, and entering data {yawn} are beginning to fade as all of our end of the year fun activities begin to take center stage!

Yesterday I wandered into the Dollar Tree {which is usually dangerous} looking for some bubbles to make an end of the year gift for me students. They sell them in packs of 3 for $1 - can't beat that! Then I went home and typed these little tags and BOOM - student gifts done!

 I couldn't decide right away if I wanted to make tags or full bottle labels. So I made both. If you're looking for a cute and simple student gift for you class, you can grab these labels in an assortment of colors by clicking the picture below!! :)

 Click the image above to download the tags for your class or you can click {here}

Next on my list- our award ceremony and field trip!! :)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Fabulous Feedback + Teacher Appreciation

There are truly very few things that make me as happy as I get while reading some of the sweet Feedbacks that people leave on items in my TPT Shop!! I can be having one of those days where the copy machine breaks, someone pees their pants, and we're on our 3rd day of weather induced indoor recess - and then I get a notification on my phone that someone has said something like this...

...and it just makes my whole day!!!

I can't tell you how many times I've wished there was a way to contact people who have left  feedback like this just to say THANK YOU right on back!! So when Christina suggested throwing a linky to thank followers for their fabulius feedback, I knew I needed in!!! I picked three items in my store and highlighted a few of the feedbacks that they have received. Check them out below. If you happen to notice your TPT user name next to one of the featured feedbacks please send me an e-mail, I've got an extra thank you just for ya :)

I started making these in March because I felt like my class could use a little more guided focus without taking away the option of choice. I also wanted to make sure they were aligned to the types of writing we are now teaching through Common Core. My kids had a blast in March picking the prompts they wanted and I loved being able to set up my whole writing center in one shot. So I went ahead and made sets for April and May too, with the intention to add a new one every month!

My Plant Unit and Weather Unit are the two best selling items in my store! I bundled them together with my Matter Unit to save anyone interested in all 3 some extra moolah. Teaching Science is my favorite because the kids are so engaged in the content. The feedbacks below come from the Bundle as well as the individually listed units!

This craftivity I made last year was inspired by my class that were OBSESSED with all things Apple- iPhones, iPods, and iPads! We make this iDad the last week of school every year, since in my book, it's only fair that the Dads get a little love too!!

Awhile back I wrote a detailed post about Leaving Feedback on TPT and how it will help you earn credits that you can apply towards big savings on future purchases!! It's a win win! And right now, you want to make sure you have every credit you can get because, Tuesday and Wednesday are the site wide TEACHER APPRECIATION SALE!!! My entire store will be 20% off  and TPT is throwing in an additional savings with the code TAD13 at checkout.

All your favorite are joining in, because we know that a little appreciation goes a LONG way!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Saddling Up + May Common Core Writing

Holy Jalapenos people, it's May!!! I'm saddling up for our final Rodeo this month!!

Who's with me?!?

I'm currently trying to catch up on life over I was in Phoenix almost all week at a Common Core Conference with a group from my school! I was at school for a half day on Monday before we left for the airport, gone Tues-Thurs, and back for an assessment day on Friday. So the week went by in the blink of an eye...and suddenly, BAM! It's May!! And I feel a little discombobulated (that's a word right!?) over here. I wasn't around to take pictures of anything in the classroom this week, so I'm just jumping in today with what I've got!

When I got home I got the Common Core Writing Galore- May pack up and posted!

I'm planning to use these to keep my crew writing til the end this month! One print, cut, and laminate, and the writing center stays seriously kickin', all month long!! There are six prompts for each type of CCS Writing - Narrative, Opinion, and Informative/Explanatory. Plus,six Creative ones in the mix for more practice and fun. 
{Grab this Narrative freebie for your writing center this month here or in the Product Preview on TPT}

I also missed #teachertalktuesday, but here are two quick Instagrams from the week.

 Striking a pose at the last day of the conference. Phoniex sure is one purdy city!

I'm a little obsessed with these letters. While in Phoenix, I had some classroom wall display inspiration! I'll come back and share what I come up with once I've got it put it all together. 

Off to re-comboulate (also a word) 

Hope you're soakin up every last relaxing minute of the weekend friends!!