Friday, March 29, 2013

Five For SPRING BREAK Friday

1. Today was the last day of School before a week of glorious Spring Break! To celebrate, we had a career day in the morning {But I forgot to take pictures of that part...I know, bad blogger!} and a Field Day-esque celebration in the afternoon!! It was a gorgeous Colorado day and the whole school headed outside for an afternoon of fun and games. There was even a bouncy castle obstacle course that teachers raced fellow teachers and students through. I may have broken bumped my nose pretty hard going through that thing. But the resounding applause from the crowd when I emerged pretty much made the whole thing worth while!

2. I started a little Spring Cleaning of some of the most cluttered parts of my room this week. One of the most promising spaces that I un-burried from the rubble (Not my rubble mind you, rubble that has been there since I "moved in" back in August) was this one! I look at this space and see so many possibilities!! Just have to decide what the best one for our class will be...


{Ps. I'm finally jumping on board the Instagram Bandwagon.Come follow me at #Fallingintofirst}

3.  I set up a system for my kids to take AR tests on my iPad. I will talk more about this in my Techy Tuesday blog post for next week!

4.  The mailboxes got a flip-a-roo. Now instead of taking up WAY to much space on top of the cubbies they fill up a just perfect space right when you enter the room. The basket on top is where I drop all the papers from my teacher  mailbox that the kids need to take home. I like having a place to "drop things off" as soon as I walk in. I also re-labeled everyone's box with one of these clip thingamabobs.


 5. A gift from a Student.

"Mrs. Stewart- come see what I made for you"

Well melt my heart why don't ya :)


Wishing you all a sweet and relaxing Easter weekend!!


  1. What a fun day! The basket right by the door is such a great idea. It looks like you had a great week! Have a fabulous Saturday!

    ❀Beth Ann❀
    Taming My Flock of Firsties

  2. We had one of those obstacle bounce houses at out summer festival! They are harder than they link! Haha! What a great week!

    Kimberly Ann

    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  3. I am completely jealous of you storage space! I have very little storage in my trailer...I mean portable. I'm excited to see what you do with it. I only have 2 more days of Spring Break. Enjoy yours!

  4. Putting names on mailboxes with binder clips is the BEST idea ever. Seriously! I am totally going to do that, too. LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing.

    Caffeine and Lesson Plans

  5. great post. I need to spring clean. I want to see more about your ar test taking on the ipad. So cool

  6. Great idea for the names. Glad to find your blog!