Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Author's Purpose -- Sweet As PIE!!!

One of our writing targets this week is, "I can persuade my reader through my writing." We've talked a lot about author's purpose this year, but this week we are focusing on persuasion in our own writing. Then I presented them with their first writing challenge. No beating around the bush here, I wanted instant engagement. So what better way to engage than with a little ice cream persuasion?

 First we went through our book bins and matched up some of the books being read this week to their type. We read some Mo Williams on Monday to really focus on identifying Persuasive writing in a text again. I love me some of this crazy Pigeon!!

Then, I told my class their challenge was to do an on the spot writing piece where they attempt to  convince me to give them a slice of Ice Cream Pie. If they listed three convincing reasons, wrote neatly, and used complete sentences, they would be rewarded with a piece of Ice Cream Pie today. I'm not sure these kids have ever been more determined to take on a writing challenge than they were for this one!

Respect Respond Relate is our schools PBIS Chant. The Two "Yeah Buddies" she is referring to is part of my classroom management system and what I call out when they have earned some smilies.

This one went for bribery :)

"If you buy me ice cream pie I will buy you a cherry red Ferari. And I will give you 103,919 dollars. Also I will give you a Brindel Boxer. Only if you give me ice cream pie." - talk about a hard sale!

The class was pretty divided. Half of them tried to sweet talk and bribe me with everything under the sun. The other half pointed out how unbelievably awesome they have been behaving. I took them home to read and then I came back with my verdict for them today. I warned them it wouldn't be easy to persuade me. After all, how many teachers want a class full of sugared up kiddos bouncing around!?!

What can I say? Maybe I'm easier to persuade than I thought.

Yep. Victory never tasted so sweet in first and second grade :)

You can grab my three freebie Author's Purpose P.I.E. posters here!! Enjoy!


  1. Super cute and delicious idea!


  2. Haha your kiddos are too funny! I loved their responses! Can I come join your class? Those ice cream pies look delish!


  3. That's a great idea! What is a better motivator than ice cream??

    First Grade Garden

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  5. Love this idea, great writing from your kids!! All for some yummy ice-cream pie! :)

  6. I love this idea and your blog as well. Would you be willing to share a copy of your writing template? Thanks for all you do!

    JNelson’s First Grade Blog
    First Grade is Wonderful

  7. You just gave me some amazing ideas for teaching authors purpose! Thank you!
    Learning In Wonderland

  8. Thank you, I'm trying it today...I'll let you know how it goes.