Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekend Whereabouts and Winners :)

Taking a little break from Team Teaching Tuesday this week to play a little catch on my past weekend. Truth be told I've never met a long weekend I didn't like! This one was no exception, especially since I knew I'd be jetting off to Louisville, KY for  for a weekend getaway with some girlfriends! I'm sure you all know and love the ladies below...

I first met Kelley and Susan this past summer in Vegas but we only got to spend a few short hours together in person. Post Vegas I also got to know the sweet Katie King and the four of us all became friends. So off we flew this weekend to hang out in real time. Katie picked us up at the airport and we headed to a beautiful condo overlooking the river. Twas perfection! 

We stocked up on junk food, shopped at Target, and laughed until the early hours of the morning!!
Then on Saturday, we got to hang out with another group of my favorite bloggy friends who were meeting in Cinncinati.

{Megan, Monica, Jessica, Hadar, Katie, Squirrels, Susan, Me, Michelle, Tessa, Nicole, and Kelley}

Jessica, Me, Nicole :)

 Quick pause from all the chit-chat to flash some cheese at the waiter  

We all ate like it was our job and talked a mile a minute. At times we may have forgotten to use our indoor voices. (Excitement will do that to you apparently.) It was such a blast to connect with these ladies who I've gotten to know better and better over the past year! After a few hours of gabbing, our foursome said some sadsville goodbyes to our friends and headed back to Louisville. Back in KY we squeezed in one more uber late gab-fest followed by some Sunday Brunch before we had to make the sad trek back to the airport.

As with all good times they seem to take too long to arrive and end all too quickly once they do. It was definitely one for the memory books! When I started blogging last year I never expected I would make so many friendships along the way!! 

While I was gone, I left the *All You Need Is Love Giveaway* running for a few days.

Congrats to these three winners!! I'll be e-mailing you the items you picked tonight :)

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  1. Looks like a fun girls trip! :) I'm excited I won your giveaway!