Sunday, February 10, 2013

President's Day Fun!

{FYI police and FBI, the above finger prints are not actually mine. They're  Google image and for all I know they belong to America's Most Wanted}

I betcha I'm not the only one who could list these qualifications on this application, right!?

This is just one of the activities my kiddos will be doing this up-coming week during our Presidents Day studies. Presidents Day is only a week away. I know because I've had that day circled and decorated on my calendar for weeks because I am flying East for a much anticipated girls weekend!! But before I jet off I will be using this pack to teach my kiddos more about George, Abe, The White House, The Secret Service, How to Become The President and Election Day.

This is a peek at just some of the ideas in this new pack. I tried to keep the focus on those Common Core Standards that we all know and love but in a way that's still packed with fun hands on activities. If that sounds like your style too then take a better look at the whole thing in my TPT shop. If you like what you see, I've got it on sale for 20% off today!!

I've also got these Presidential Work Work Freebies for you to grab that go right along with the unit!!

 Finally, I've got a pretty rockin' song and video to compliment our Presidents Day studies from Harry Kindergarten on You Tube. My kids still ask me to listen to his MLK song at least twice a week.

Sometimes I feel like Social Studies and Science get short changed a bit in the primary grades. When it does it's a shame because it's such high interest stuff for our little learners!! Take this sweet writing sample from one of my ELL kiddos. Sure it's spelled all kinds of wrong but the point is he produced this at the writing station this week completely from memory. And why?  Because he was SO into our MLK studies a few weeks ago!!!

"Hi. I am Martin Luther King Jr and I have a dream that my four little children won't be judged by the color of their skin"
This just makes my teacher heart burst with happiness!! And this is why I will continue to feed their noggins with oddles and oddles of quality Science and Social Studies info :)


  1. I LOVE the Secret Service application!! What a great idea!

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  2. Love it! It looks so super fun! Putting it on my wishlist now.....

  3. I love this!! My students loved the measuring activity!! :) I have a blog post scheduled to show off how much fun it was! Thank you!!

    A Day in First Grade

  4. Oh what a GREAT post! Thank you for linking up!