Sunday, February 24, 2013

MARCH-ing Into The Month

I know this week is still starting off in February but it's ending in MARCH!! Right about this time of year Spring Fever starts to kick in and pretty soon the calendar days start flying by! The first week of March always marks Read Across America Week and Dr. Suess's birthday. We will without a doubt be having some Suesstastic fun on Friday, but I also wanted to do something to kick-start some March reading madness that would extend beyond the week. So I put together this America Reads 50 Book Challenge pack in honor of Read Across America!!

I wanted something different to do with my second graders that they hadn't done before. The idea here is that they will read 50 books - 25 fiction and 25 non-fiction. With every book they read they will answer one question about that book in their Challenge Pack.

{Sample Page}

Then they will cut off and add another link onto their challenge chain. They write the title on the strip and then link it up. At the end of the challenge they will have a chain containing all 50 states and a finished pack. They will bring them back to school for a special prize from me, their proud teacher!!

{Here is a Sample of a Chain in Progress}

Introducing this one to my class. YUCK for the lighting here!!

Coming soon I will post more about these March treats and the fun my kiddos will be having with them...

{Read About The Hats Here: The Leprechauns Are Coming}


  1. Those hats are freakin' adorable! What a great idea!
    Going Nutty!

  2. I used to make those hats as a kid! My mom was a teacher! Love them!

  3. Stephanie, I love everything in this post!! LOVE the 50 book challenge and the leprechaun in the wall story is hilarious! Thank you for sharing!!

    Little Miss Primary

  4. I made the little cup hats last year - the kids went crazy over them! I love that you do all this fun stuff to make school special! I wish I were in your class :)
    Teaching With Style