Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hand Me The Hall Pass!!

Regan is handing out hall passes tonight and I'm not turning it down!!


Taking five to bring you my favorite product, space, signal, and sanity strategy.

 My favorite product has got to be my Weather Is Wild Unit. Why? Well for one, we're just wrapping up the unit in my room right now and I always seem to be most in love with whatever my class is currently working on and loving. It's fun seeing something I've made come to life in action in my classroom. I also love it because it's the biggest unit I've ever made and incorporates literacy, writing, science, math and hits those Common Core Standards! It is my *mission* to tackle CCS head on while keeping things creative and F-U-N in the classroom.  This unit does exactly that :)

My favorite area of my room is the carpet area. I got that carpet through Donors Choose last year and kids of all ages just seem to love it!! It's bright and fun and comfy - tripple threat! Also, it contains the Promethean board and my hot pink directors chair! (Which was a just for me happy purchase this summer!!)

I've blogged about my transition song before. It's one of many attention getter claps and chants we have in our room. Click here to visit my original post and download the song for free. I also bust out into random song pretty often. I tell my class I'm just practicing for American Idol.



My teaching bestie keeps me sane! We taught together for three years before leaving our old school this summer in pursuit of new ones. I miss having her just across the hall where I could easily wander over and tell her the three funniest things my kids had said that morning. But we're best friends out of school too and talk daily. This year we both teach second grade so we're constantly bouncing new ideas and finding things to collaborate on!!

{Rocking out best 80's day attire last year}

Before I go I thought I'd share my hall pass with all of you - the one's we really use in my room.
{If hall passes gross you out just a tad then it's a good way to go because every few weeks I replace it with a fresh one}

Click the pic above to grab a copy for your room :)


  1. I have that carpet...just bigger!! LOVE your transition song! :)
    Tori's Teacher Tips

  2. What a cute transition song! You weather packet looks amazing!

  3. How adorable are you!? I love it! Thanks so much for linking up!

  4. I love the carpet. This year I would need more spots!!

    My bestie was moved to kindergarten 2 years ago. Now she is now on maternity leave and not likely to return. I miss having her in the connecting room. We did so many fun things together with our kiddos.


  5. I really like that transition song. I have my best teaching buddy right next to me..we go to the beach together and have a lot of similarities. And...I'll be checking out your weather unit. I do one in the spring and I'm excited to check yours out! Thanks :)
    Kickin’ it in Kindergarten