Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Team Teaching Tuesday + Birthday Sale

I turned27 years young today :)

So today for Team Teaching Tuesday I'd love to look at idea for celebrating birthdays in the classroom.

In our classroom, I keep it pretty simple. Truth be told, I could really use some fresh ideas.

I leave every kiddo a certificate and a birthday sticker waiting on their desk.

Then they get to pick a special pencil from my Bucket Filling Bucket :)

At the end of the day -- we play heads up 7-Up or 4 Corners which they highly anticipate!!

Also, at my school we are allowed to bring in treats. But, I accidentally forgot to put that into my Classroom Intro packet at the beginning of the year. (Don't ask me how. But I did.) And no parent has contacted me all year to ask. I feel awful!! But I also feel like if I send home a note now then all the kids who have already had a birthday get the short end of the stick. Sooo...I'm thinking I might just let it go until next year. 

The lucky kiddos in my girl Kelley's room from Teacher Idea Factory get to wear this super fun cape!!

This series of pictures seems to speak for itself and I imagine this girl feels ten feet tall by the end of the activity!


Jennanie from Kindergarten Lifestyle has her class create a special book for the birthday boy or girl and she even offers a freebie for you to grab to do the same.

How do you celebrate birthdays in your class?

I'd love for you to link it up and show us how it all goes down in your room!!

Same guidelines as last week Feel free to link up anytime this week!!

1) Please link directly to a blog post on the topic for the week. This way readers don't have to go searching to find your post.

2) Grab the button above and link back here so that readers can easily find all the others who are joining in on the action.

Finally, to celebrate my birthday and MLK Jr's  (who was also born on January 15th) I'm throwing a 20% off sale in my TPT Shop today!!



  1. Love the ideas for birthdays in the classroom.


  2. I love the birthday ideas! (Gotta love that cape, all kids need a chance to be a "superhero"!)

    I blogged about my birthday celebrations on my last birthday. I am, however, a tad older than 27!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  3. LOVE these birthday ideas...so fun! :) And of course...happy birthday to you!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!! I always bring in cake on my birthday, the kiddos love it.
    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

  5. Thanks for hosting a great linky and Happy Birthday! I'm a proud new follower!

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  6. I love, love the idea of writing words around the child on the smart board. What a special way to recognize them.
    The Hive

  7. Thanks for the love today my darlin'!!! Will you email me your next couple of topics . . . I'll link up!!!!

  8. I just wanted to let you know that I shared your post on my Thumbs up Thumbs down Thursday - as a thumbs up of course :) - because I really thought it was a great post!
    Happy Birthday!
    The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

  9. What a special day for the birthday kid! I love it.

    Darling Little Learners

  10. great ideas!Love them all
    Thank you for sharing

    Enjoy Teaching English

  11. It's always great to see how others celebrate birthdays! Thanks for sharing :)