Sunday, January 6, 2013

Martin Luther King Jr. - My Birthday Buddy!!

Ever since I was really young I felt like I had super secret bragging rights about the day I was born because of the very famous person I shared it with. It didn't matter to me that I came along years later. My Kindergarten self got a kick out of letting the world know that Martin Luther King Jr. and I were born on the same day!! I had a really hard time understanding why we never actually celebrated his birthday on our birth date, January 15th, instead of the 20-something like we usually do.  So my first year teaching, we started learning about MLK Jr. on the 15th!! I got a letter from one of the parents in my class the next day letting me know that whatever I taught the kiddos about Martin Luther King Jr. had made a huge impact on her daughter because she came home that night and *insisted* that they buy a cake and sing Happy Birthday to Martin after dinner!  So ever since then, I also bring in cupcakes and we celebrate Martin's birthday as a class :)

In honor of my birthday buddy, I put together this mini unit: Martin Luther King Jr. A Mini Unit for Young Leaders.

{UNIT UPDATED 1/14/14 - please download preview to see the new additions below.}

I love all the activities in this pack but I think my stand out favorite is the Timeline report.
The pages can be taped together to form a completed Timeline of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Life. 
And then they fold back accordion style to keep it small and portable!!

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I've also included this page as a freebie in the Product Preview file on TPT so make sure you snatch it up!!

I'm off to shower and lesson plan. Tomorrow is a teacher work day for us, which means I still have one more day before my kiddos return to fill up my plan book and catch a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning.  I'm going to savor every last one of them!!