Thursday, January 31, 2013

How To Make A Cloud In a Microwave

Want to see complete and utter amazement on the face of every student in your class? 

Make them a cloud in the microwave.

 But to make it even better, I would highly recommend that you DON'T tell them you will be making a cloud in a microwave. Just tell them you will be putting a bar of soap in the microwave, and ask them write down a  prediction of what's going to happen next. They will tell you you're crazy!! It's going to melt or even better, it's going to explode! 

I just shrugged and told them, we'll see. 

First, I put a bar of ivory soap on top of some wax paper in the microwave.

**NOTE: Do NOT use just any bar of soap. It HAS to be a bar of Ivory soap. If you choose to ignore this very important detail I will not take any responsibility for the not so pretty end result!!**

Next, turn on the microwave for about a minute and a half. Then sit back and watch their faces.

{the cloud is forming}

90 seconds later.....

BOOM!! A Cloud!

Oh how I wish I could show you their happy little faces!! Everyone got to hold it.

The bottom stays very soft and spongey like. It's everything you imagine in your head a real cloud would feel like.  The top hardens a bit, but becomes flakey and will fall apart at the touch. So just resting it on top of flat palms is best. By the time the 25th kid had held it, we had lots of soapy "snowflakes" around the room. Unfortunately, due to the non-durability, I can't make a cloud for every kiddo to take home. If it weren't for that I SO would!!

Instead I'm going to let them make my newest craftivity, which they can carry home no problem!

This cloud craft is just one small part of my Weather Is Wild Unit that I am SO very excited about!!  The boys are all super impressed with his lightening bolt. And by "the boys" I mean all my 1st/2nd graders and my husband. 

Here is a peek at just a few of the other things included in this 103 page unit.

Speaking of weather, ours has been un-seasonably dry all winter.

The teacher wants a snow day!! :)


  1. Your cloud is beyond precious! Love it. Last summer, we made soap clouds at VBS and it was a hit. The kids loved it :) I loved it too, expect for the soap smell that haunted the room! Thanks for sharing :)

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  2. Wow-what an awesome idea. I never knew that would happen with soap. And of course I love your cloud creativity!
    -Lovely Nina

  3. This is sooooo cool! My littleReceptions will love it! I'm definitely going to do this in our weather unit of work. I'm curious what happens if you don't use ivory soap? Not that curious that I want to try it and ruin my microwave though! ;)


    Early Years Fun

  4. How cool!!! My kids would LOVE it. :)

  5. That is amazing! I had no idea you could do this. Thanks for sharing. :)


  6. A teacher at my school made this using the faculty microwave. It made our food smell like soap for about 6 months :(

  7. A teacher at my school made this using the faculty microwave. It made our food smell like soap for about 6 months :(