Friday, January 11, 2013


Am I the only one who felt like walking out the door today was like crossing the finish line at the end of a marathon?


Kacey over at Doodle Bugs has started this new Friday linky. 

Sounds right up my alley this week!!


Monday was my last day of break. What's a girl to do? How about some archery.

Not exactly one of my usual past times. But my brother in law wanted us to all join him for a lesson a year ago to celebrate his b-day. So the whole family went and had more fun than we were expecting. So when my sister in law flew in for the Holidays and we all had one last night to hang before she flew back to the east coast, we ended up there again. I like to pretend I am Katniss. Even though my accuracy skills pretty much determine that I am no real Hunger Game contestant.

On Tuesday I launched my new weekly blog feature Team Teaching Tuesday!!

 I'd been thinking about getting it going for some time. So making it happen felt like a big accomplishment for me! Now that I've got it up, I've got so many ideas of topics floating around in my head for future Tuesday. This week, we looked at classroom rules.

On Wednesday I got my Groundhog Craft and Writing pack up and posted and blogged about it {here}.

 I can't wait to make this little guy with my kiddos.
On Thursday the sweet Teri from A Cupcake for The Teacher and I started an MLK Giveaway. 

{Get yo-self entered while you can

And I got these sparkly star stickers from the teacher store to replace the boring ones I've been using on my clip chart!!

  Then today,  it snowed here in CO. So we stayed inside and did our first Adventure to Fitness -!!

A HUGE thank you to Regan at Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits for blogging about this site this week-{check  out her post}-because it was by far the BEST indoor recess we have ever had. My kids absolutely loved it! I may have already bribed hinted that if they work extra hard next week, we can check out another on next Friday. 

  Oh..I also fell asleep before 9 PM and missed Grey's Anatomy....ZzZzZzNow I'm home catching up on Private Pracitce & Grey's Anatomy, and steering clear of the snow.

Speaking of FIVE...tomorrow I have a very special post on a very special blogger. And it will make my 5th blog post in a row this week. Say What!? I know. Somewhere, pigs might be flying ;) See ya then!


  1. Wow! I wanted to try that fitness for recess this week, but couldn't get it going in time. Perhaps I should look into it this weekend. And I just got caught up on Grey's and Private Practice. Have a great snowy weekend.

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

  2. Marc is so much fun! Reagan introduced me to him, as well. Good luck watching Grey's's a tear jerker (I am five minutes from the end now!). And Private Practice...fantastic this week. Enjoy :)

    The Brown Bag Teacher

  3. Those are my favorite star stickers...ever!!! <3 I can't wait to see what Tuesday's link up will be ;)
    Sweet Times in First

  4. Don't we all wish we could be Katniss for a number of reasons. I've seen that Adventure to Fitness site before, but I have yet to try it with my class. It seems like something they would love.

    Darling Little Learners