Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year, New Shopping!!

Holy moly does time sure fly!  I hope you all had the most wonderful of Holidays with your loved ones this past week. I'm spending the next few days of my break in NC with a group of my very best friends to ring in the New Year together!! It's hard to get away from work sometimes, even when I am away. In the back of my head there are always ideas floating around about what needs to get done. I spent a good portion of my plane ride out thinking about them. Something about January screams "New Possibilities" even at work. Its a chance to re-group, re-organize, and try new things to make your pre existing routines even better. And sometimes, bringing a few new items into your room is just the kick start needed to put some of those things into place. Enter MPM School Supplies! I was contacted by a sweet representative at MPM School Supplies around Thanksgiving, asking me to pick a few items in their store and do an honest review of their products and the overall online shopping experience.

Two things I knew I wanted were some bright and fun letters that would match up with my Owl n Dots Classroom Theme Set. I also wanted to give my calendar a face lift. (If you haven't already noticed the brighter the better with me!)  So I purchased some the letters and calendar pieces above, in addition to the Month headers below.

Here is a peek at my December calendar. Not only do I love the fun pieces, but you may notice they create a pattern for the month too. Each monthly set creates a new pattern that my kiddos look forward to uncovering.

MPM was truly  wonderful to work with. They sell almost any item I could imagine for my classroom- at a discount! I have a local teacher store that sold these calendar pieces for more money and didn't sell these letters that I was wanting at all. So that scored MPM mega points in my book right off the back.

I also really love their search engine filters. I could search by category and then narrow down my colors which makes sifting through endless borders and letters much simpler when I know in advanced I want all the bright neons!! My first clicks below were to pink and turquoise :)

Shipping was quick and I had my stuff in less than a week of ordering. I'm an online shopping kind of gal but I hate waiting more than a week for anything, so quick shipping is top priority for me!!

Overall I was completely happy with my experience and excited to find a new vendor for my classroom shopping needs. I feel very confident about recommending them to you all! MPM School Supplies was also nice enough to offer 10% off to the first ten readers who shop with them from my blog. Click the link below to take advantage of this special offer, or just do some window shopping on your own to see what you can find. I went for fun decorative pieces but there is SO much more on their website. All organized accordingly as shown in the screen shots above:

As always thanks for stopping by friends!! I know it's a busy time of year for everyone but your visits and comments are always one of the brightest spots in my day!  I hope you all enjoy your last few days of 2012 and are staying away from the workload just a wee bit longer like me. I've got some fun new thing in store for the blog and all my readers for 2013 -- I look forward to sharing them with you all very soon! :)


  1. I am obsessed with bulletin board letters, I want them all!!!!

  2. Those bulletin board letters are adorable! Perfect colors!

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  3. Have fun ringing in the new year with your friends!

    Those letters are adorable! And your calender numbers are too cute!

    MPM has fantastic supplies!


  4. NC is the best!! Hope you have fun!
    Susan in NC

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  6. I just found you via the Teacher Idea Factory's Shout Out to you! I'm your newest follower!
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