Monday, October 29, 2012

Classroom Management...How We Roll!

Monday Monday...always knocking on my door waaaay too quickly!!I thought I'd do a little Monday Management post for ya to show you what my management system is for my classroom THIS year. I emphasize the "this" because last year, I didn't need a whole class management system. But every class is different and this year, I needed one. So I found one that is low management for me (which I have learned over the years is essential to me sticking with it) and even better-- it's working!!

This is our Mystery Word bulletin board. With every magical flip of a letter a new classroom reward comes closer to being revealed. Once every letter has been flipped, my class has earned the spelled out reward. The kids usually figure out what it's going to be after a few flips, which helps because then they become even more eager to flip the rest of those letters!! And my favorite part? Every time they get a smiley my kids and I hollar  call out...

"Yeaaah Buddy"

 (Which may of may not be Jersey Shore Inspired....)

So what determines if they get to flip or not!? This is where a little Whole Brain Teaching comes into play. 

{Notice A Cupcake For The Teacher's Bat Craftivity hanging out here too!}

You can learn more about Whole Brain Teaching and "The Scoreboard" above {here}. I don't implement all the components of Whole Brain Teaching into my classroom, but I like to pick and choose.  The general concept though is, when they are making their Dear Teacher happy and doing what they should be throughout the day - they can earn smiley points!! When they are making poor choices as a whole and not making their Dear Teacher happy - they earn frownie points. This week our smiley have morphed into Pumpkins for Halloween week :)

At the end of the day if we have more smiley tallies than we do frownies, they get to flip a letter!! And the days that we don't...well, it's a sad day because no letters get flipped those days. Easy-peeze!

Here are a list of my Mystery Rewards that my kiddos will have a chance to earn throughout the year...

Wear  Your PJ’s to School
Class Ice Cream Party
Movie and Popcorn Party
Stuffed Animal Day 
Stinky Feet All Day
Pizza Party at Lunchtime 
Cooking In The Classroom Day
Show –n- Tell Day
Arts and Crafts Palooza

Notice how they're all written out and lengthy? That's not a coincidence ;) 

So that's how we're rolling this year.
He's up to no good. 
{I couldn't help it. This one always makes me giggle!!}

I'd love to hear some of your favorite whole group management tips & tricks!!

Alright friends, I'm out.  I hope Monday was kind to you all!

Ps. I've finally put together a little 500 Follower Giveaway for you. Only it's actually not so little. And it's going live in less in about 48 hours...spread the word!! :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

No Tricks Just Treats :)

{Thanks Alisha for the adorable button}

That's right -- no tricks here people!!  

I'm throwing a 20% off sale this weekend on everything in my TPT store.

And I'm not the only one. Many of my best blogging buddies are linking up and giving you the same "treat-ment" 

{This is my go to pack o' Halloween fun!! It's full of goodies to do with your kiddos next week!}

Friends I'm not going to lie to you. October has been kicking my bootay like non other. 



Steph: 0


But I've spent the last week getting prepared to KNOCK OUT November-!!
Tonight I'm going to a Halloween party and I still haven't finished my costume. Ahhh!! But in the spirit of my favorite Holiday, if you can guess my all time favorite Halloween costume that I put together, I will give you any item in my store that you'd like.


1) It's tall.

2) It's green.

3) It usually twinkles.

First to comment with the answer and an e-mail wins!! And I'll be sure to share a picture too :)

Congratulations Suzy Q!!

You guessed it! Not the best lighting on my back in the day cafe camera but I was one decorated Christmas Tree!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


It's getting closer!! Everywhere I look I'm seeing Pumpkins, and candy, and monster goodies galore! And now to spread some Halloween-cheer!  My favorite fun linky friend Tori from Tori's Teacher Tips  tagged me in a game of BOO to spread throughout the blog-o-sphere. And I'm all too happy to play!  

Tori's teacher tips

Here Are The Rules
Maybe you've seen or heard of this fun "game" in neighborhoods or even at your school... but let's try a blog version!  Here is how it works:
1.  Give a shout out to the blogger who booed you and link back to their site!
2. Share 3-5 October activities, books, products (yours or someone else),or freebie(s) that you love!
3. Share the Boo love with 5 bloggers and don't forget to let them know they've been bood!

My favorite activity I do every year for Halloween is a week of Witches' Brew fun!! I created a poem with all kinds of creepy ingredients like spider legs (pretzels) and owl eyes (cheesy puff balls) and for our Halloween party we make the brew. Every day for a week before Halloween, my witchy twin Brewella visits our classroom to read the poem with the class and build fluency. That tricky witch always disappears before Mrs. Stewart can catch her. ;)

My favorite Halloween Book..there are so many. But here are some new find for me this year!
The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin (with CD) 

My favorite Halloween freebie right now is this Going Batty Craftivity from the queen of crafts,  A Cupcake for the Teacher.  My kiddos and I will definetly be making these this year!!

And finally,  Hello PINTEREST!!

{Click the button above to see the hoards and hoards of educational pins I've got for ya!!}
This recipe for Magical Monster Slime came from there and I want to make for my kiddos this year as a Halloween treat :)

There you be! 

Now it's time for me to Boo five of my favorite boo's so they can get in on the fun....


Kreative in Kinder 


             The Teacher Wife 

Happy Boo-ing!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Deeno the {clean} Desk Dino

One of my favorite characters paid a little visit to our classroom for the second time today. I’ve been working with him for four years now and he’s always proved to be a crowd pleaser. His name is Deeno and he’s our Desk Dino

Here’s why I love him – he motivates my students to keep their desks clean and organized. Here’s why the kids love him- he leaves DINORIFIC treats anytime he stops by for everyone who does have a clean desk, much like the ones below. Our Deeno leaves candy, but if you prefer that yours didn't (or you school wouldn't allow it) fear not- Deeno has also been known to bring pencils, PBIS coupons, stickers, and other little dollar bin treats! He also surprises every kiddo in the class with special seasonal notes and treats for Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day-!!

 I made an Ooops and forgot to let the kids know about him before he came for the first time this year. But it’s ok because he always leaves his special story book after his first visit to help teach the kids more about who he is, what he’s looking for, and what the kids need to do. 

Naturally the first thing everyone wants to do after we read Deeno’s book is clean our desks according to 

  Deeno’s 5 rules for a Dinorific Desk

1) No loose supplies
2) No loose papers
3) Neat Stacks
4) No trash
5) No toys

Once our desks are clean, we talk about the steps we used to clean them and add sequence words such as first, second, then, next, and last.  Then we create one of my favorite writing craftivities of the year-!! 

It’s one of the simpler ones we do, but gosh do I love the way these dino’s turn out!
Check out these samples below…

{I love how this girl glued her eyes on this guy}

{This kiddo added glasses to his. He also used some very good picture directions!}

If you could use a little clean desk motivation in your room, Deeno is definitely the Dino for the job! You can pick this guy up in my TPT Shop.

If you'd like to snag this guy for your classroom leave a comment with your e-mail below and I will do a draw a winner on Friday :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Sentence Buddy Freebie

Ok, so I'm a day late. But as promised I've uploaded my little Complete Sentence Buddy freebie!! 

   [Click the picture you grab your copy ]

We spend a lot of time at the beginning of the year talking about the parts of a complete sentence. Well I wrote the silly song below and my kiddos chanted along like champs! I'd over hear them singing the song to themselves later in the day during centers and recess and then even while they were writing....which got me thinking. I've always thought of sentence horizontally. I never really thought of it from a top down approach. But everyone has a head and everyone has feet, and this concept really seemed to make sense to me kiddos. So I grabbed a sentence strip and set to work onto making a concrete visual for them. Hence, the birth of the Sentence Buddy!

 This is what our Sentence Buddies looked like at first. The kids kept asking me, "Where are his arms?" I explained we'd add the arms when we learned about the other two pieces of a complete sentence. So this week, we went back and added arms :)

Now I can easily have them refer to their sentence buddy when they are writing sentences, or if I want them to identify parts of sentences.The day after we finished our sentence buddies, I had them locate each part using the worksheet below. This is where the color coding came in handy! We put three little lines under the capitals in red, circle the punctuation marks in blue, underline the nouns in yellow, and box the verbs in green.

I hope you and your class can have as much fun with this guy as mine does!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

500 -- Say whaaaat?!?

I think I can...I think I can...I think I can...I DID!! I made it to see another Friday afternoon. Whew!! I'm not gonna lie, there was more than once this week when I really didn't think I would make it. But I'll tell you what gave me the extra little kick I was needing to make it through the day. A sweet comment from Heather at Teach it Today letting me know my little bloggy-blog had officially reached the big Five-oh oh-!!! Shut. The. Front. Door. You all make my day every day so thank you from the bottom of my heart for tuning into my corner of the world :) I promise to put together a sweet 500 Follower giveaway for all of you in the very near future!!

Speaking of giveaways, one of my Favorite Bloggers in all the land, Ms. Kelley Dolling from Teacher Idea Factory is having a 1K Follower giveaway, full of goodies just in time for Halloween, including my Witches Brew {Halloween} Mini Unit.  Kelley is pretty much the freebie queen of the blogging world IMHO so I'm so thrilled to be helping her out with this giveaway!!

Sour Apple Studio

In other news...I was *hoping* to share with you all today. Well, hoping is the operative word in that sentence because my little USB that I scan all my craftivity templates on before I post them decided to pick today of all days to kick the bucket on me. Yep, he's officially a goner. So unfortunately, I can't scan the tracers right now- ugh. BUT -- if you think you might be able to use this sentence buddy in your classroom then come back tomorrow  because I promise to have him scanned, posted, and available to you along with some details about how he came to be in our room this week :)

Alright, well I'm off to meet one of my besties for a frosty beverage or four two. 

Guarantee you I will still be in bed before 9:00. My former college self is rolling her eyes at me as I type!



Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Currently {I Heart October} Edition

Thank you Farley for posting your October Currently tonight. I have just enough energy left in me tonight to gitrdone ;)

LISTENING: Like I said, I'm listening. But I'm wishing it was Grey's Anatomy, because the opener last week was someone's idea of a bad joke! I am counting on tomorrow night's episode to make up for it.

LOVING: October means Halloween is right around the corner and I  LOVE HALLOWEEN!! It's my favorite Holiday to celebrate in school too! (followed closely by St. Patrick's Day) But this week I was finally able to take my boot off my broken foot- after being a slave to it for the past 2 1/2 months. You should have heard my kids screaming and cheering for me when I greeted them at the door boot free. Another teacher perk- I've always got my own personal fan club!

THINKING: Oh. My. Word. Switches schools, teaching a combo class, and all new curriculum has been kicking my butt!! It's like a constant state of treading water. The last time I felt like this was my first year teaching. Whew!

WANTING: The more bloggers I see sharing all the cool ways they are using iPads in their class the more I wish someone might just kindly drop a few on my stoop. Not holding my breath on it though...

NEEDING: Does anyone else have flat feet frustrations!? I have orthodic insoles but they don't fit in cute little flats. The only fit into sneakers. So finding shoes that are flat & comfortable is HARD. Throw cute in the mix, and it's dang near impossible!!

BOOK: I read alot this summer. Right about now the only reading I do is too my kids or curriculum and Common Core Standards. It's not exactly leisurely reading. I miss summer days by the pool! However I am excited to check out The Spookely Square Pumpkin which is a newbie to my October read aloud list this year.

The Legend of Spookley, the Square Pumpkin - Halloween Books for Kids 

You can link up your October Currently over at Farley's Blog!!

I will be back tomorrow to share who brought these little desk treats and what they're all about!