Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sub Plans Are Not my Favorite Thing.

Hi friends. This post is mainly to let you know that I'm still alive and kicking, despite my general MIA-ness since school started. This whole new school, new district, new grade level, new curriculum thing is making year four feel like year one all over again. For really reals-!!

 In other updates, my district is doing trimesters instead of quarters. This means parent teacher conferences started last week and just finished tonight. I've also been attending district mandated PD classes all week. So for the past three days there has been a sub in my room. Which meant I had to write 3 days worth of sub plans -- 3 straight days!! And sub plans are not my favorite thing.  I love subs, just not sub plans. Mainly because they bring out my inner control freak. I feel compelled to leave directions for E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Which takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R. I would truly rather just wing it for three days on my own with no plans during a full moon than write three days worth of plans for someone else to carry out. And the worst part is, I'm not even hanging out on a beach. I'm not tan. There is not fruity umbrella drink in my hand. Nope. I'm just 5 miles away, at the district office, all un-tanned and wondering if I remembered to leave my sub the envelop with lunch sticks. Because clearly nobody will be able to eat lunch tomorrow if I didn't leave her the lunch sticks!! ;)

But seeing as I did have to have a sub, I really appreciated her for being there. She did a great job! When I walked in after PD for conferences, the room was spotless, the work was complete, and the brief note I asked her to leave about the day was on my desk. And within said note was a smaller note, letting me know that one of my kiddos spent the day in the principals office. But she didn't say why, only to ask the principal. But my principal wasn't there. So my brain begins to wander. And then as if on cue, the sub walks in. She forgot her jacket. So I ask her what happened-??

And that's when she told me that he decided to cut a girl's hair on his way to the recycling bin.

(I do not blame the sub)

But the girl cried.

And her mom yelled. 

 And in that moment, I was grateful to have been in the PD. 

In happier news....

My kiddos created these cutie apples today!

I will be back in the classroom on Friday. 

There will be no more beauty school drop out shenanigans.

And I will have a fun freebie to share with you all!!

YAY :)


  1. As a sub, I would like to say I appreciate it so much when the teachers leave detailed plans. It gives me more confidence being in a classroom and school I'm not familiar with when I know the plan for all the 'little details.' Thank you to teachers like you!

  2. Funny story...since I was neither the teacher nor the parent of that poor child! Oh my.....
    I also loathe making sub plans. We just started guided reading groups this week and so far I have had a sub in my room for 3 out of the 4 days (though not all day long, thankfully)! Aaargh!
    Have missed your posts! Glad all is well:)


  3. How have I not been following your blog?! I am obsessed!!!