Thursday, September 27, 2012

First Grade Common Core

Is this how the words "Common Core" make you feel?

Well if you work with first graders, I've found something that might make the process a little less overwhelming...

I have a copy of the Kindergarten version that came out a few weeks ago and I was amazed at just how much Common Core Galore they included in one book! There are tons of activities to teach every one of the CCS for both ELA & Math- and it's not all worksheets either. There are signs/cards to display, graphic organizers, game & center pieces, etc.  631 pages of materials to be exact. But I don't teach Kindergarten. I teach first & second grade-- which is why I'm eager to get my hands on this first grade version! The First Grade Common Core version has all the same features as the Kinder book. You can download sample pages and learn more about this CCS resource {here}. All the graphics are from Scrappin Doodles too- so it's cute stuff! 

I'm looking forward to the release of the second grade version which I hear is going to be released in the near future. As soon as it is I'll be sure and let you all know!

And if you're a blogger who would like to test drive this resource in your classroom, click [here].


  1. LOVE the e-card! I totally have to steal it.
    Hopefully, we'll get the link to this book soon and can start using it!
    Fun in 1st Grade

  2. First Grade Common Core Workbooks with first grade common core worksheets and First Grade Common Core Activities!