Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Classroom Progress & My New Planner

 Third time attempting to publish this post tonight. Is anyone else having blogger issues? Hoping this time is the charm...!!

 Yesterday was my first official day back and wow have my last 48 hours been jam packed! The early morning wake ups from my alarm have are an un-welcome but all to familiar greeting. My days have been mixed with meetings and setting up my classroom. I called my momma in for reinforcement on the classroom set up part. Every year she comes in and makes my sticky, formerly name tagged desks look brand spankin new again! She has a patience and natural elbow grease ability for the task that I have never possessed. She also helps me number books, cut, laminate, you name it! I'm super lucky to have her!! We worked until almost 6 PM-- geesh. It's not finished yet. Far from it actually. But we did make a lot of progress...

Check out the shine on those desks! Seriously, my mom rocks!!

I am loving the paper dasies I got for my room this year, inspired by School Girl Style

My new Owl 'n' Dots Clip Chart. I still need to add clips and our class rules around the top: Be Kind, Be Safe, Follow Directions, Do Your Own Thinking.

And last but not least, the newest addition to my room sits on top of my desk. I'm going to decorate it tonight and then share more about how I plan to use it in my classroom tomorrow.

After a long first day back and some fatigued *summer is really over* blues kicking in, I couldn't have asked for better time to find the little Happy Back to School present that I ordered for myself delivered and waiting for me....

My Erin Condren Teacher Planner

She came packaged just as pretty as everyone said she would.

Not a bad end to my first offical day back! Tomorrow night is my school's Back to School Night, so I have gone into overdrive trying to get my room ready for it. I'm organizing a scavenger hunt for my families who attend. I will be back to share some pictures, a freebie, and let you know how it went Thursday :)


  1. I love your paper daisies!! I have those in my classroom too this year. Enjoy your Erin Condren planner!! It is wonderful!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Absolutely precious! Your room looks like a place I would want to hang out. Is the black "board" in the first picture just bulletin board paper? I couldn't tell. Get yourself some new flair pens and enjoy your new planner! Best wishes for a happy school year. :)