Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Welcome Guest Blogger Marie and her FLASH Freebie!!

Hey Ya'll!! I am so happy to be guest blogging for Stephanie today. I LOVE her blog and was grateful that she asked me to be a guest blogger.For those of you that don't know me, my name is Marie. I'm a First Grade teacher and blogger at The Hands-On Teacher in First!

This is me:

Now, I'm blogging today about something that I think we can all relate too, and hopefully I will give you guys some new ideas (and a little gift if you read all the way through!)
Do any of you have what I like to call "fast finishers"? Of course! We all have at least one or two EVERY year....right??
SO, what types of things do you have your fast finishers do? One thing that I try to do with my students who finsih things early is give them choices. This year one of my goals is to have a really nice variety of choices for my regular class and my math class (we have separated/leveled math classes) and a new system to keep track of which activities each student does during the week.

This is a new hanging file system I am going to use.

I bought this hanging file holder and put the folders in...then took a step back and thought..."HEY, I could dress this up with my new animal print DUCT TAPE!"I just took a strip of the tape and went across the top of each of the folders. It really dressed it up, I think.So, I am going to put a different "FAST FINISHER" activity in each of the folders and each folder will have a number. I'll keep a chart beside this hanging folder system so students can check off the number they grab each week. They will only be allowed to grab each number once per week (but they may not get to all of them...that's fine!). Every couple of weeks I'll change up the activities.
I love using fun writing activities, phonics brain teasers, and word play activities as "FAST FINISHER" activities. Here is a new one I just made for my TpT store. It's a pack of "WHAT's MY WORD WORTH" pages for you to use in your "Fast Finisher" files.
This packet contains several different What's My WORD Worth?" pages for each month of the school year. There is a total of 18 "What's My Word Worth?" pages including:

Back to School
Finally Fall!
A Trip to the Zoo!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Frogs and Toads
Winter Wonders
All Kinds of Bugs
Valentine's Day!
St. Patrick's Day
Spring has Sprung!
Flowers in Bloom
A Day at the Beach
Cinco de Mayo

BLANK student page included also so they can use their weekly spelling list or word family words.

It also contains two different "LETTER VALUE" pages. There is one that is easier and one that is more challenging because it goes into higher numbers. is the BEST part of this whole post! You guys ready?????
This unit is selling in my TpT store for $3, BUT....for TODAY and TOMORROW, I am offering this FREE....yes, FREE for all of you fabulous followers! If you download it, I'd love for you to consider following my TpT store, and of course, leave the feedback so you can get those great TpT credits! 

Thanks so much for reading this post and I'd love to read some comments telling me what you guys do for your Fast Finishers! Thank you again Stephanie for allowing me to be a guest on your fabulous blog!

With LOVE,


  1. I really like the activity. I think it will be a useful enrichment tool:) Thanks for offering it up for FREE! Happy Independence Day to you!!

  2. Thanks for the activity. I definitely have those early finishers! :-)

  3. Happy 4th, Stephanie and Marie! Thanks for the creative freebie; I've downloaded it to share with my staff!

    Summertime smiles,

    The Corner On Character

  4. Yay for freebies! I'm having a Freebie Linky Party and Giveaway on my blog! Be sure stop by and enter!
    First with Franklin

  5. Thank you so much! I love it. I teach pre-k (and I have a really advanced student who will love this). Usually if students finish activities early I have fine motor activities for them to do (such as make play doh into different shapes or on the play doh mat) or theme related books for them to look at.

    Diving Into Learning

  6. Wow! Thanks for the freebie! I love both of your blogs! :)

    A Pirates Life for Us