Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Join my 1st linky-- Are you a REAL teacher?

I started blogging a month ago this past week, mainly because I spent so much time stalking all of your blogs and really wanted to become a part of this amazing community. So you can imagine my excitement when I hit 50 Fabulous Followers this weekend!!! I am so very excited and appreciative of all of you for the love you have shown my little blog! I am working on my 50 follower giveaway item as we speak. It should be ready any day (really any hour) now.

  But until then I am celebrating 50 Followers by hosting my first ever linky party!

I saw this picture on Pinterest yesterday and it made my day! If this lady were right I guarantee you I'd never have to clock another professional development hour again, ever.  I am hopelessly addicted to Pinterest! Not just for my teaching life, but the resources and ideas I have found on there for use in my classroom truly are endless. You can follow my Pinterest Boards here.

So this is my must do educational pin of the summer. The original source comes from 1st grade blog,   Zeek's Zoo!

 Writing Goals Poster

I absolutely love this Goal Board for my little budding authors and I will be recreating one for my classroom this summer!! You will notice me blogging about writing a lot this summer as it's my personal, team, and school goal to improve writing instruction next year.

Ready to link up?  Here's How:

*First-- Blog about your educational must do PIN of the summer. It can be decorative, organizational, curriculum specific-anything goes! Try to make sure whatever PIN you share links back to the original source so that credit can be appropriately given.

*Second-- Include a link somewhere in your post that goes directly back to this post so that others can join in too.

*Third-- Please include my above {Are you a REAL teacher?} linky picture somewhere in your post.

*Last-- Add your post below. Please make sure your link goes directly to a specific post about this linky party, not a main page.

That's it! I can't wait to see what all you REAL teachers have to share ;)


  1. i saw this e card the other day and i laughed...it couldn't be more true!! im always pinning...will joing linky party today!!

    Just Wild About Teaching

  2. Agreed, whoever designed this card must be a teacher! Thanks for checking it out, will love for you to join!!

    ❤- Stephanie

  3. Love this idea! I'm your newest follower!

    Strive to Sparkle

  4. Congrats on hitting FIFTY and your first LINKY! I love this idea! I'll be linking up with you guys tomorrow :)

    The Hands-On Teacher in First!

  5. Thanks so much ladies!! I love seeing all these new pins :)

    ❤- Stephanie

  6. LOVE you caaauute BLOG!!!

    I'm your newest follower :)

  7. How fun!! I think I will join in soon! :)

  8. Love your blog! I'm putting together my post right now...can't wait to join the party.

    I'm your newest follower, feel free to follow me back. I just redesigned my blog!

  9. Hi! Just found your blog & I'm your newest follower! I actually haven't seen that writing goals chart...LOVE it! I'm linking up as soon as I decided WHICH of my pins is #1 on my list!

    Primary Inspired